• 5 Travel Junkies You Need to Follow

    5 travel junkies you need to follow - majeang.com

    Hello my beautiful travel junkies! What a year and a bit it has been for travel, well life really. I haven't been anywhere since February 2021 when I went to Iceland. Needless to say I am waiting with abated breath to find out when we can travel from the UK later on this month. In the meantime, I've been religiously watching other travel junkies who have been able to travel or have been sharing their previous travels. Here are the 5 travel junkies you need to follow if you're suffering from wanderlust.

  • Interviews with Inspired People, featuring Jasmina Hasković

    interviews with inspired people featuring Jasmina

    Welcome back to another interview beautiful people! Today's inspired interview features the lovely and incredibly talented Jasmina (pronounced with a Y) Hasković. I met Jasmina through a mutual friend and she's so inspiring. Not only is she a photographer but she is a self published author, who recently wrote a book of poetry. Let's dive into this month's interviews with inspired people, featuring Jasmina Hasković.

  • My Experience with Dermatica

    My experience with Dermatica

    Hello skincare junkies! How are you doing? Its been a week since restrictions have eased in the UK and whilst it came with some snow and cold weather, we are grateful. Have you been out yet? What was your first beauty treatment? I had my hair done for the first time in about 6 months. Heaven! Speaking of treatments, I'm sharing my experience with Dermatica. They are an online subscription service that's run by dermatologists who offer personlised prescription treatment for acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, melasma, anti-ageing and skin glow.

  • 7 Things I Learnt In Lockdown

    7 things I learnt in lockdown

    Hello beautiful people! How are you all doing? In the UK lockdown 3.0 restrictions eased a bit more and non-essential shops have re-opened. This means people can finally get their hair did and have a meal with friends and family they haven't seen in many months. It would be even more perfect if winter decided to stop hanging on. We had snow people! Sigh! Anyways, from the title I'm sharing the 7 things I learnt in lockdown because life is forever evolving.

  • Interviews with Inspired People, featuring Denise Weekes

    Hello lovely people! How are you all doing? Spring has properly sprung in the UK and we're all loving the bloom in nature and the blue skies. It also signals the start (hopefully) of our way out of lockdown 3.0 which I'm sure is a relief. Today's post is another interview (previous one) which any fellow travel junkie will love. Without further ado, here's another installment of my interviews with inspired people, featuring Denise Weekes.

  • A Woman’s Guide to Solo Travel

    a woman's guide to solo travel

    Hello my travel junkies! I've got an extra post this week and hope you enjoy it. You know that I always wax lyrical about travelling solo and how it's not as scary as it sounds. Solo travel can sound risky especially if you're a woman. However, it can be a truly freeing experience. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go where you want and do anything you like, without other people holding you back? This is also a fantastic way to get to know yourself more. Spending time alone can be scary, but this is often because we aren't comfortable enough alone. Spending time alone is so important. It can help you to build confidence. It can also help you become more clear on what you do and don’t want. With that in mind, here’s a woman's guide to solo travel.

  • How to Plan for the Perfect Roadtrip for Your Spring getaway

    How to Plan for the Perfect Roadtrip for Your Spring getaway

    Hello my travel giraffes! In the UK the possibility of having a holiday abroad seems to be dwindling faster than my chocolate stash! So while plans to travel overseas may have been put on hold for over a year now, that doesn’t mean that getting out there and seeing more has to become out of the question. If you know how to drive, or know somebody who would want to take the ride then you will be able to plan a trip that is safe and all part of the adventure- the road trip! Not only do road trips help you to save money they are also a great way of seeing more of the world as you go. Once you decide on your destination, here's how to plan for the perfect roadtrip for your spring getaway.

  • 5 Things I No Longer Do

    Hello beautiful people! Spring has finally sprung in the UK and I for one cannot be happier! Spring signals warmer weather, an explosion of colour in nature and fashion. Plus, it's my birthday this week and we'll be heading to summer. Spring is a win win season for me. In light of all of this, I thought I would share with you, 5 things I no longer do as a single women over 30. Let's get started!

  • Exciting Adventures to Add to Your Bucketlist When Travel Restrictions Ease

    exciting adventures to add to your bucketlist - Colosseum, Rome

    Many of us are at a point now where we’re looking forward to restrictions being lifted as the COVID-19 vaccine rolls out. If you’re in the UK, you’ll be looking forward to a much more “normal” summer than last year’s panned out. If you’re someone that loves to travel, you’re probably itching to get back on a plane and explore the world. While there’s a few months left before that happens in the UK, take a look at these exciting adventures to add to your bucket list when travel restrictions ease.

  • How to Romanticise Your Life As Single Woman Over 30

    how to romanticise your life as a single woman over 30

    Hola mi gente! Or, hello my people! How are you all doing? I'm a day late but, Happy International Woman's day! Unfortunately in 2021 we are still dealing with gender inequality, pay gaps and a whole heap of issues that we shouldn't be dealing with, but we do. My prayer is that the ship makes a turn in the right direction. Anyway, on with today's topic and it's all about romanticising your life. I heard this phrase floating around social media and it made complete sense to me. To me it is all about being present in your life and showing up for you. Basically, you need to romance yourself like you would a partner. So here's how to romanticise your life as a single woman over 30.

  • My Favourite Feel Good Amazon Products

    my favourite feel good amazon products

    Hello beautiful people! Spring is definitely in the air and I am here for it! With the return of sunshine which helped with my mood. I thought I would share my favourite feel good amazon products with you. You don't need to buy any of these items, I just wanted to show you the little things that have been making me feel good because luxury wishlists are just that, wishes.

  • My Luxury Fashion Wishlist of 2021

    my luxury fashion wishlist of 2021

    Hello you beautiful people! How are you doing? I decided that I would do a luxury wishlist 2021 series because, lockdown. A girl needs a bit of mental escapism even though she can't afford any of these at the moment. The first in the series was on beauty, which you can read here. Today's installment is my luxury fashion wishlist of 2021 since it's currently London Fashion Week.

  • Accessories to Elevate Your Most Basic Look

    accessories to elevate your most basic looks

    We all own those outfits that we never seem to wear because they feel a little too basic. However, what we may not realize is that it is down to us to try and find ways to elevate them. Even the dullest and least interesting of outfits can have a style injection with the right accessories.
    But where do you start with them? Here are what we think are the best accessories to elevate your most basic outfits.

  • Interviews with Inspired People, featuring Antonia Fifi

    Interviews with inspired people featuring Antonia Fifi

    Hola beautiful people! How are we all this new month of 2021? Last year I decided to resume interviewing inspirational people because I needed some inspiration. If you're a long time reader of mine you would remember I did a series called, Women in Business. This time, I'm doing interviews with inspired people. Interviews with inspired people featuring Antonia Fifi is our inspirational woman of the month.

  • 5 Unexpected Things 2020 Taught Me

    a woman's guide to solo travel

    Well Happy New Year mi gente! I am sending you alot of joy, good health and a gentler 2021. How has the new year started for you? Are you into making resolutions or have you decided to focus on the things you want to work on instead? For me, I'm not into this new year new me ish! Especially after the car crash of the previous year. However, even car crashes teach you something and here are 5 unexpected things 2020 taught me.

  • Top Tips for Saving on a City Break

    top tips for saving on a city break

    Are you planning to book a weekend break, but aren’t sure if you can afford one? There are lots of ways to save money on a city break. Between flights, accommodation, food, and spending money, the cost of a city break can soon add up and cost nearly as much as a longer vacation. With some travel know-how, saving money for your city break can be easy. Try some of these top tips for saving on a city break. I'm all for helping everyone save a bit of money!

  • How I Went to Santorini for Under £150

    Hello beautiful people! Welcome back to the blog where I share all my tips, knowledge and hacks for navigating this single over 30 life. We all know that I love to travel and especially if I can get a good deal on the trip. So although most of us aren't travelling for the rest of the year, here's how I went to Santorini for under £150. I will share exactly what I did and highlight tips for you.

  • Simple Ways to Save Money on Fashion

    Our fashion choices are all about looking and feeling good, but quite often, they also come at the expense of our finances. Clothes shopping can be very expensive, which is why many of us resist the urge to go out and buy something new. However, there are ways to make savings, so if you're looking to add something to your wardrobe any time soon, here are some simple ways to save money on shopping.

  • 5 Places Worth Visiting on Solo Trips

    5 places worth visiting on solo trips - the berlin wall gallery

    Hello there my wanderlust kindred spirits. It's a bit of a funny time for a lot of things, especially travel, but that shouldn't stop you from planning that trip. Which is why I'm sharing 5 places worth visiting on solo trips. So if you're wanting to take the plunge and book that solo trip, this is for you. Well anybody really but you know what I mean!

  • 3 Places to Visit Post Covid for Summer

    7 things I learnt in lockdown

    Hello my travel junkies! It's been a hot minute since my last travel post. I have to admit that with all that's been going on, I haven't been feeling travel-spired. How about you? Anyway, now that lock down has been easing I started to get a of itchy feet. I may or may not travel this year but I found 3 places to visit post covid for summer if you're looking for a trip.

  • Reviewing 3 Dr Dennis Gross Products

    Hello skincare junkies! How are you all doing and are you wearing your spf? My eyebrow is arching if you aren't. Don't do it for me, do it for your skin in 10 years time. Today's post is a skincare review, haven't done one in a minute (read here) but we're going to change that today. I'm reviewing 3 Dr Dennis Gross products and we're going from least to most favourite.

  • My 10 Life Commandments

    Hello beauties! Are you still in lockdown? Semi-lockdown? Or has things returned to normal where you are? I was talking to my gorgeous amiga Claudia and she suggested I write a blog post and call it my commandments. So here are my 10 life commandments and I hope they inspire you to think of your own or, you can borrow mine ;). Don't forget to let me know your favourite commandment.

  • The Square Toe Mule

    Hey fashion giraffe how are you doing today? I haven't done a shoe post in a hot minute. So here's my latest shoe obsession, the square toe mule. Before we begin, I know there's alot of crappy stuff happening in the world and this post is a bit of light hearted relief. I hope you and your family are keeping and if you need a bit of extra support, check here, here and here.

  • Reviewing The Inkey List Skincare Products

    Hello my skincare junkies! How have you been? How is your skin coping with being indoors for the past few weeks? I know that mine has been a bit drier but that's to be expected. Try layering light moisturisers to help combat the dryness. Moving on to today's topic, I am reviewing The Inkey list skincare products. I have divided the products I use into my morning and evening skincare routines.

  • How to Look After Your Mental Health During the Pandemic

    how to look after your mental health during the pandemic

    Hello lovely people! To say that the world is having a moment is an understatement of epic proportions. I have been on the fence about what to blog and it came to me that I should use my skills as a Counsellor to help those who need it. So if you're feeling anxious or just need a toolkit to refer to and help others, this is for you. Here's how to look after your mental health during the pandemic.

  • Fashion Hacks for the 30-something year old Shopaholic

    fashion hacks for the 30-something year old

    Hello my lovely giraffes! This post is for all the shopaholics out there, myself included! Today I’m sharing my fashion hacks for the 30-something year old shopaholic. We all have a vice and for a lot of people it’s shopping. You get this little high from making a purchase but, it isn’t exactly sustainable. So here are a few tips to a) allow you to get your fix and b) get creative all whilst still do what you can for the environment.

  • Fresh Beauty Review

    Fresh Beauty review- majeang.com

    Hello my skincare junkies, I've got a review for you today from Fresh. This is a brand I've seen around for some time but was put off by the price tag. I was browsing Cultbeauty who started to stock Fresh and they had travel sized versions. This made it more affordable and allowed me to trial the products for over a month (and counting). Enough waffling, here's my Fresh Beauty review.