Skincare Products That Give Me Glowy Skin

Hello beautiful people! How have you been? Did you enjoy the week of summer we had in the UK? Yeah me too 😉 Anyways, in today’s post I’m sharing the skincare products that give me glowy skin. Just a reminder that I have combination/oily skin so what will work for me, may not work for you. So with that in mind, let’s go.

Skincare Products That Give Me Glowy Skin

Collagen Face Mask

After seeing this mask all over social media I finally caved and purchased it. It also helped that there was a special on. The idea behind this mask is that it minimises the appearance of pores, improves elasticity and gives you the glass skin appearance. Its different from other sheet masks because you need to wear it for a few hours, overnight is best. It contains a blend of galactomyces ferment filtrate, oligo-hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and low molecular collagen. My first time using this, I found that it dried patchy but I got the hang of it and use it once a month as part of my monthly beauty reset rountine. You can purchase them here if interested and there’s a sale on at the moment. You’re welcome!

skincare products that give me glowy skin

Ready Steady Glow Toner

I wasn’t really a toner girl and then I found Ready Steady Glow by Ren and haven’t looked back since. A little goes a long way for me and a couple times a week. It helps to even out, hydrates and smoothens my skin by exfoliation. There’s lactic acid derived from sugar cane which is an AHA and Salicin which is a BHA and that is derived from willow bark. In addition to all of those ingredients to give your skin a glowy appearance, there’s also azelaic acid from olives which boost radiance. Is it any wonder I call it’s one of my holy grail skincare product. You can pick up your bottle from here and they’ve got a travel size option so you can trial it out too!

COSRX Advanced Snail Mucin Power Essence

This hype product actually lives up to the hype. I’ll say first that you don’t actually need an essence but it’s nice to have if you can include it in your budget. With that said, you apply an essence after washing your face on slightly damp skin. This particular essence hydrates and boosts brightness to give your skin an amazing glow. Basically I look like a disco ball! I have some redness on my cheeks and noticed since using this product along with other nourishing products that the redness has been kept at bay. So not only does my skin glow but it’s helped to repair and prevent any further damage. It’s a win-win situation if you ask me. Oh and a little goes a long way so a bottle can last about 3 months. You can purchase here, here or here.

Dermatica Vitamin C 15%

If you have read any of my skincare related posts before you’d know that I’ve subscribed to Dermatica for tretinoin. I tried the vitamin C and loved it! Sometimes vitamin C can be a bit too strong on my skin but this was the perfect strength and I only needed a little bit. Vitamin C is an antioxidant so it protects against UV damage. It lifts, firms, boosts collagen and has brightening properties. Never heard of Dermatica before? I have a referral link where we both get some money off here, if you’re interested.

Tatcha Rice Polish

I’ve written about this product before, here, but I’ll mention it here again. Its a gentle exfoliant made from rice powder and silk protein that gets activated with water. I don’t use this everyday but more on a twice weekly basis and it helps to gently remove any dead skin that maybe hanging around. My skin is left feeling baby soft and, wait for it, glowy! There’s something called Hadasei-3, a trio of fermented Japanese superfoods – green tea, rice and algae which reveals radiant skin. On the days I don’t want to use any actives but still want to have smooth glowy skin, this works so well. Tatcha is not a cheap brand however, their travel size options do go a long way so check it out here.

These are the skincare products that give me glowy skin and I’d love to know what you’re using on your skin to give you glowy, radiant skin for the summer. Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and until next time, be well! X

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