• 7 Lifestyle Micro Tasks to Add to Your Daily Routine

    7 Lifestyle Micro Tasks to Add to Your Daily Routine - majeang.com

    Hello you gorgeous humans! Can't believe that March is almost over and it's also my birth month! There's a saying, 'March roars in like a lion and goes out like a lamb' and I can't say I disagree with that. Anyways, I've added some micro tasks that I've found helpful to my life and thought I would share with you. So here are my 7 lifestyle micro tasks to add to your daily routine. Before I go, please don't feel like you need to do anything that a) you don't want to or b) agrees with you.

  • Tatcha Japanese Beauty Review

    Tatcha Japanese beauty review

    Hello beautiful beauty junkies! Today's post is a Tatcha Japanese beauty review. I've been interested in trying this brand for ages! Finally it arrived and I was hesitant because of the price. It isn't a cheap brand however, they do have their travel minis which is much more affordable. Also, a little goes a long way because some of these products I've been using consistently for 2 months. Anyway, let's get go!

  • 3 Effective SPFs to Try

    5 effective spfs to try - majeang.com

    Hello beautiful people! How have you been? Apologies for the abscence but I was on jury service for 2 weeks. I am back with a skincare related post for you and sharing 3 effective spfs to try. I say effective, but the best spf is the one that you use. Summer is well and truly in swing and now more than ever do we need to use an spf. We also need to reapply especially when at the beach.

  • 4 Korean Skincare Brands I Always Use


    Hello beauties! It has been a hot minute since I've been on here. Honestly, I've been struggling with what to post and if people still are interested in reading them. I got a bit of inspiration through my photography and decided to write something. We are starting with skincare and I'm sharing the 4 Korean skincare brands I always use. Korean skincare has been around for quite some time and focuses on caring for the skin. Ensuring hydration and building your skin barrier so generally the products are incredibly gentle.