• The Mestizo Mexican Market

    The Mestizo Mexican market- feature www.majeang.com

    Hello, my lovely giraffes. How has your September been so far? Can you believe we're almost half-way through the month already? Life is really like a roll of toilet paper. Comment below if you get it :)

    Anyway, I had an opportunity to go to a Mexican celebration awhile ago and thought I would share it with you. Mestizo is a Mexican restaurant that also has a market next door. Read on whilst I share my appreciation for all things Mexican and the Mestizo Mexican Market.

  • Best Brunching Places

    best brunching places

    Welcome back my lovelies. It's almost Friday which means it's almost time for brunch! Brunch has become a popular time of day where you can have a mix of breakfast food and lunch. I've been to a few places so thought I would share my best brunching places. I'm still trying out places in and around London so there will be another list at some point but in the meantime enjoy!