100 Hoxton Tapas Style

100 hoxton tapas style -espresso martini

Welcome back beauties! I haven’t done a restaurant review since Fish! and I wanted to share this amazing place I went to in December. They serve some of the most delicious inventive style tapas I’ve tried in awhile. Come join me for a culinary feast of 100 Hoxton tapas style!

100 Hoxton Tapas Style

As you may have guessed, 100 Hoxton can be found at number 100 Hoxton and it’s a hidden gem in this area. The restaurant has a chilled out yet cool vibe to it. When we went they were playing 90’s hip hop and R&B which signalled that we were in for a good evening.

100 hoxton, tapas style- restaurant


The staff were both fun and friendly. Plus, they were the experts on what dishes to try on the tasting menu. We were willing to try just about anything, except pickles or peanut butter. I know, I know! I am that girl who doesn’t like peanut butter. Oh well! On with the story πŸ˜‰

The Food

The dishes came at a steady pace and our tastebuds had an all out party that night! Lamb, prawns, cauliflower, beet root and the like. All prepared in such a unique way. By that I mean, the combination of flavours and seasonings all come together to create something wonderful.

After being stuffed filled with all that deliciousness, we had to make room for dessert. We had sticky toffee pudding which is not my favourite dessert but, 100 Hoxton’s version has made me a convert. We also had two ice creams to try, both were served in dried coconut shells. One we called a party in your mouth because of the popping candy. The other was a delectable chocolate scoop.


One would think that with all this delicious food the drinks would be regular. Nope! We tried their signature drink called the 100 Hoxton which has lychee and I could have quite easily had a few more. We also had an espresso martini which coffee drinkers would love. It’s rich and full of coffee flavour and of course alcohol πŸ™‚

100 hoxton, tapas style -espresso martini

If you’re looking for somewhere to immerse your taste buds in deliciousness, then do yourself a favour and try out 100 Hoxton tapas style. What other restaurants shall I try? Let me know in the comments below! Remember to subscribe to keep updated and follow me on instagram.

As always, thank you for reading and until next time be well! x

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