My Thoughts on Medik8 Skincare, A Review

My thoughts on Medik8 - main

Hey lovely people! I’m back this week with another skincare related post. This time I’m sharing my thoughts on Medik8 skincare. I’ve seen this name bouncing around for quite some time and decided to try a few select products and give you a bit of a review. Here we go!

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My Thoughts on Medik8 Skincare

The Products I Used

For this review, I decided to choose products that were suitable for my combination/oily/sensitive skin type. I also wanted something that would give me a glow because, winter is coming. For a face wash, I used the Pore Cleanse Gel Intense. The chosen serum was the C-Tetra Lipid Vitamin C and for moisturiser, I chose one from the same range.

Pore Cleanse Gel Intense

I am a fan of gel cleansers because they just seem to work for my skin. So I had high hopes for this cleanser especially as it contains mandelic, salicylic and lactic acids. The trifecta in AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids). The Pore Cleanse Gel Intense is meant to clarify and minimise appearance of pores. It also contains glycerin which hydrates your skin and prevents dryness.

For me, I enjoyed using this product and had no real issues with it for the most part. There was a few days where I found that it made parts of my skin dry. However, I suspect that’s down to hormones and retinol. When this happened, I went back to using my Cerave SA cleanser for a few days and that felt better. I’ve since gone back to using the cleanser only during the day. Apart from that blip, the pores around my t-zone aren’t as noticeable as they were before. Not bad.

Score: 3.5/5; price £21 for 150ml

C-Tetra Lipid Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum

This super light weight serum contains vitamin C and E. The combination creates a dynamic duo in the antioxidant world. This serum is said to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Brighten and balance the skin tone. Also, because the serum was made in a water free formula it doesn’t degrade over time.

After a week of using this, I was in love with this vitamin C serum. You know I’m a huge fan of Skinceuticals Serum 10 because it’s gentle yet works. But at £68 a bottle, I am not always able to repurchase and something more affordable was needed. The C-tetra formula is a lot lighter than the serum 10 but no less potent. Since using this, I’ve found that my skin has an extra glow and it doesn’t irritate the seborrhoeic dermatitis on my cheeks. Also, I have some dark marks around my mouth and since using it, in conjunction with retinol, it’s started to fade. The light weight formula is a bit runny but it absorbs really quickly into my skin. I apply any excess to the backs of my hands. This serum will be a definite repurchase from me.

Score: 5/5; price: £35 for 30ml

C-Tetra Cream Lipid Vitamin C Antioxidant Cream

As mentioned before, I got a moisturiser in the same C-tetra family. It’s a light weight formulation that contains vitamin C (obvs), vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and moisture magnets to hydrate areas that need it the most.

This moisturiser has a lovely scent to it which dissipates once rubbed into my skin. I really enjoy applying this moisturiser every morning. There’s something so luxurious about using it. My skin feels soft and supple. Also, this has been great the morning after applying retinol at night. It soothes and moisturises areas that are peeling.

You are given a little spoon I don’t need to scoop out the product, which I really like! I would repurchase this when it finishes, if it ever finishes. A little goes a long way and I’m not mad at it. I usually follow up with an spf and haven’t noticed any issues with that either. A really nice moisturiser.

Score: 4.5/5; price: £39 for 50ml

Final thoughts

I have been really impressed with the 3 Medik8 products I’ve tried. I will continue to use the serum and moisturiser until they’re empty. Who knows how much more my skin will improve. Actually, these products have helped me to really streamline my morning skincare routine. These have been my thoughts on Medik8 skincare, have you tried anything from this brand before? Will you give the C-tetra serum a try? Let me know in the comments below.

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