Reviewing 3 Dr Dennis Gross Products

Hello skincare junkies! How are you all doing and are you wearing your spf? My eyebrow is arching if you aren’t. Don’t do it for me, do it for your skin in 10 years time. Today’s post is a skincare review, haven’t done one in a minute (read here) but we’re going to change that today. I’m reviewing 3 Dr Dennis Gross products and we’re going from least to most favourite.

Reviewing 3 Dr Dennis Gross Products

Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Face Mask

The first time I saw this hyaluronic marine hydrating face mask in action was during a masterclass session with Dr Dennis Gross. I didn’t realise but they host events like this regularly. Anyway, the co-host was doing her skincare routine and demonstrated the mask. I was enthralled with it because a) it came out a cool blue colour and b) her skin looked brightened and moisturised after she peeled it off. As the name of the mask suggests, it’s a hydrating face mask. It contains algin which is medical grade algae, sodium hyaluronate a humectant that holds 1000x it’s weight in water and magnesium.

Reviewing 3 Dr Dennis Gross products - hyaluronic marine face mask

The mask comes in 2 parts that you have to mix. Upon application to the skin, it feels incredibly cool and refreshing. My skin felt soft and looked luminous after I peeled the mask off. The effect lasted for a couple days and I was pretty impressed with the results.

The downside is that you have 5 minutes to apply it before it becomes rubbery and useless. I did a story showing this and it’s saved as a highlight on my Instagram page. There are 4 mask applications in the box, 1 spatula and 4 plastic bowls.

Rating: 3/5; cost £49/ $48 USD

Stress Rescue Super Serum

This is my second favourite of the products I’ve tried by Dr Dennis Gross. One of the things that the brand offers is a free 1 to 1 virtual skincare assessment. The Aesthetician that I was paired with created a skincare routine for my skin and needs. He prescribed the stress rescue super serum to help with the redness on my cheeks. Let me clear, this is not a cheap product but there’s always a discount 😉

Reviewing 3 Dr Dennis Gross products - Stress Rescue super serum

The ingredients seem to combine science and nature. It contains, vitamin B3 aka niacinamide which reduces fine lines, redness and breakouts. There’s also the adaptogen ashwaghanda that helps skin acclimate to stress and has antibacterial properties. Finally, goji another adaptogen but this helps your skin against oxidative stress.

I enjoy using this serum at nighttime after applying retinol. It smells a bit herbally but it’s quite subtle and quickly dissipates. Consistently using this for the past 3 weeks, I’ve started to notice that my skin isn’t as red as before. It’s subtle but something I’m seeing and hopefully it will continue. I also noticed that my skin looks healthier and a bit more luminous.

Rating: 4/5; Cost: £75/ $74USD

Alpha Beta Daily Peel

This is number 1 in my review of Dr Dennis Gross products. It is like a cult classic and I can understand why. There are 3 strengths: ultra gentle, universal and extra strength. I was prescribed the ultra gentle and universal because of my skin sensitivity. I use them each day, Monday to Friday, starting with the ultra gentle and then the universal strength. I’m suppose to use them 7 days a week but a girl is trying to stretch them out as much as possible.

Reviewing 3 Dr Dennis Gross products - Alpha Beta peels, universal and gentle

These daily peels come in 2 parts, similar to the marine mask. Part 1 is the exfoliating bit that you rub across your face, down your neck and chest. Give it 2 minutes and then open part 2 which neutralises it all. The first week of using this and I found my skin to be less textured, healthier and I do notice a slight difference when I don’t use it on the weekend. My pores appear to be more refined and I think in conjunction with the serum at night, it all works.

I do use a retinol and vitamin C so I think everything combined is working harmoniously. These are different brands so another point is that they work well with other high quality products. One of the reasons the daily peels work so well is the trio of exfoliating acids that are used in the first pad. Think mandelic acid, lactic acid, glycolic, citric and so on. The ultra peel has 3 acids whereas the universal peel has 5 which makes it more potent.

Reviewing 3 Dr Dennis Gross products -

I am such a big fan of these daily peels and actually enjoy using them. The universal peel stings on my cheeks a bit but once I use the neutralising pad it disappears. They’re handy to travel with too and I also use them on my hands, elbows and knees too!

Rating: 5/5; Cost: £89/ $88USD for 30 pads

These are the 3 Dr Dennis Gross products I’ve tried. Have you tried any of them? Do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

Reviewing 3 Dr Dennis Gross products -

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