• Hotel Bucket list, QO Hotel

    hotel bucket list - QO front entrance

    Hello, my travel giraffes! How are you? Summer is coming to an end shortly which seems insane to me but nothing lasts forever which got me thinking. I've done a travel bucket list before of which city or country I would like to visit but, I've never done one for places I'd like to stay at. So I've decided to do a regular hotel bucket list and this month's feature hotel is the QO Hotel in Amsterdam.

  • Exploring London Bridge Challenge

    exploring london bridge challenge - hays galleria

    Hello, my lovely travel giraffes! Thanks for all the love on my last travel post. Today, however, I'm bringing a challenge closer to home. I went to explore to see what treasures, spots and hotels near London Bridge I could find. Needless to say, I was excited by this and can't wait to share what I found during this exploring London Bridge challenge.

  • What to do in Prague

    Prague - bridge

    Prague is one of those cities that has been kind of on my radar but I hadn't really done anything about it. Then due to some overtime at the 9-5, I had a week off and thought let's check out Prague. Fortunately for me, I was invited on a press trip to, you guessed it. Prague! These things very rarely happen to me but thank you God! Although it was only 48 hours, I saw quite a bit of Prague so here's what to do in Prague.