• Visiting The Shard in London

    visiting the shard in London

    Happy Thursday you gorgeous human! If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that I visited The Shard. Before you continue reading what visiting The Shard in London was like, please subscribe to my monthly newsletter or follow me on Instagram if you aren't already following. Thank you. Now on with the story :).

  • Visiting Gaia at the Painted Hall

    visiting gaia at the painted hall

    Hello gorgeous one! How are you doing? What's up with the UK weather? It's about as stable as the see-saw in the kids playground at lunch time. Anyways, In my last post, here, I gave you some ideas on what you could do for summer. One of them was to go to Greenwich and check out the latest exhibition, which ends on the 1st July. Here's what it was like visiting Gaia at the painted hall.

  • 6 Things You Can Do In the UK for Summer 2021

    6 things you can do for summer 2021

    Hello my lovely, how are you? Have you been enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having in the UK? It's been a scorcher and I hope you're wearing your sunscreen. If not, I'm giving you the frownie face you used to get from your mother. Wear sunscreen! Whilst I'm sure you're itching to go abroad, you may not feel ready and that's okay. I've got you covered and I'm sharing 6 things you can do in the UK for summer 2021.

  • 5 Things to Think About Post Covid Travel

    5 things to think about post covid travel- Montenegro

    Hello beautiful travel junkies! How are you doing? Have you started booking flights now that the UK has been given the all clear from the 17th May. Whilst I reading up on the green list countries I was inspired to write about 5 things to think about post covid travel. Because as much as there are 12 countries currently that we can travel to, without notice these countries can move to the red list. Hopefully these tips will help minimise some of the stress the new way of travel will cause.

  • 5 Travel Junkies You Need to Follow

    5 travel junkies you need to follow - majeang.com

    Hello my beautiful travel junkies! What a year and a bit it has been for travel, well life really. I haven't been anywhere since February 2021 when I went to Iceland. Needless to say I am waiting with abated breath to find out when we can travel from the UK later on this month. In the meantime, I've been religiously watching other travel junkies who have been able to travel or have been sharing their previous travels. Here are the 5 travel junkies you need to follow if you're suffering from wanderlust.