How to Romanticise Your Life As Single Woman Over 30

how to romanticise your life as a single woman over 30

Hola mi gente! Or, hello my people! How are you all doing? I’m a day late but, Happy International Woman’s day! Unfortunately in 2021 we are still dealing with gender inequality, pay gaps and a whole heap of issues that we shouldn’t be dealing with, but we do. My prayer is that the ship makes a turn in the right direction. Anyway, on with today’s topic and it’s all about romanticising your life. I heard this phrase floating around social media and it made complete sense to me. To me it is all about being present in your life and showing up for you. Basically, you need to romance yourself like you would a partner. So here’s how to romanticise your life as a single woman over 30.

How to Romanticise Your Life as a Single Woman Over 30

Just Do It!

I’ve written about this before but think it’s important to include this. Just do what you want to do and stop waiting on others. Life is short and precious, how sad would it be for you not to have tried something because you didn’t have someone. Or, that you get to the end of your life and you hadn’t done more of that thing you wanted to do. Show up for yourself!

Be Present

How often do we just function on auto pilot? *raises hand*. Switching off isn’t necessarily a bad thing but, when it’s all the time then there might be an issue. Life can be fast paced, although with the major world event that’s still affecting us, we have been forced to slow down. It’s the perfect opportunity to look inward and really notice if you’re here. Perhaps doing the mundane things mindfully would be helpful. For example be present whilst eating and notice how you really feel. Do you enjoy eating what you’re eating? Is it missing some seasoning? How does your body feel after?

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Setting the Mood

Your environment has an impact upon your mood and wellbeing. One way to romanticise your life is to set the mood. Having a bath? Light some candles, play a bit of music and use your best smelling bath salts. Setting the mood will add a bit of magic and romance to whatever activity you’re doing. I’m a big fan of scents and regularly burn candles or incense. I also have an oil diffuser that I can add different essential oils to. Also, creating a music playlist adds ambience and lifts your mood.

Add Some Luxury

With this tip I don’t necessarily mean purchasing luxury items, but if that’s your budget go for it. This is all about using your ‘good, good’ items now. Don’t save best for later because later is promised to no one. Enjoy whatever you deem to be luxurious. It could be making yourself a delicious breakfast and serving it on the nice plates. Set the table with flowers and cutlery because you are on a breakfast date with yourself. Treat yourself like the star of the show who has her own trailer and chef.

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Go OTT….sometimes!

Once in a while, it could be monthly or weekly, go over the top. Spend an hour doing your skincare routine instead of 15 minutes. Use the face masks, the creams, the gels and be present whilst applying them. Or, treat yourself to a decadent spa day when they reopen. It’s good to up the ante every now and then. It’s a way of saying to yourself that you’re important to you. It’s showing yourself and the world that romance isn’t just when you have a partner. It is also something you can give yourself regularly. We will be with ourselves for the rest of our lives, instead of being an after thought, maybe we need to put ourselves at the front.

Romanticising your life isn’t about things, it’s shifting the way you look at your life. Recognising how special you are and how great it is to still be alive. That was my list on how to romanticise your life as a single woman over 30. What’s on your list? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you for reading and until next time, be well! x

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