4 Reasons to Stop Waiting on Others

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Hello my beautiful people! How are my over 30 singles doing? As you can tell from the title, I’m talking about 4 reasons to stop waiting on others. I’m a firm believer that, as much as its great to do things with others, you can’t wait on people. Here’s why.

4 Reasons to Stop Waiting on Others

It Won’t Get Done (probably)

There’s an excitement that you get when you and a friend plan a trip together. Or you both want to go to a restaurant or a spa break. It’s a lot of fun! What isn’t fun is when you plan the event and they back out. Or, they change their mind. All of which are fine but you’re still left not doing that thing that you want to. I remember a year that I wanted to go see Cirque du Soleil and there was an amazing Black Friday sale on tickets. I didn’t bother asking anyone to go with me because I would have gotten upset. The ticket I managed to get was a whole ass box. Me and 7 other people! That was it! The show was amazing as it always is and an experience I will remember forever.

4 reasons to stop waiting on others

Prevents Resent Building Up

When I went on my first solo trip a few years ago, it was for my birthday and my mom encouraged me to go. We had a deal that if I travelled solo, I’d check in with her and send my itinerary. I miss that about her not being here anymore. Anyway, I took that trip because I knew, had I waited on friends, it would have ended up in disappointment. No one needs to have a crappy birthday. My friends are amazing humans but they’re also in different stages in their lives.

4 reasons to stop waiting on others

Builds Strength and Character

Another reason to stop waiting on others is that you build inner strength and character. You become braver and suddenly things that were daunting before are less daunting. There’s growth and an inner knowing that you can handle a lot more than you realise. I am a lot braver and take more calculated risks in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I still get afraid but, the fear doesn’t paralyze me.

Peace that Passes Understanding

The final reason for not waiting on others is that sometimes doing things on your own brings peace. Peace in not having to compromise on what you want to do. Peace to enjoy that show or that meal and so on. Also, you don’t have to feel embarrassed about your choices. I remember a friend pulling out last minute on going to Lizzo concert, due to a family emergency. I couldn’t get anyone else to go and missed out on what was an amazing evening. Next time, I made a promise to just book and go on my own.

These are my 4 reasons to stop waiting on others. Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do things with friends and family. Just don’t wait on anyone to do what you really want to do. There’s nothing worse than regrets of the things you didn’t do. I’d love to know what your reasons are to not wait on others. Leave me a comment below.

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