10 Things Single Women Over 35 Need to Know

10 things single women over 35 need to know

Hello my beautiful people! How have you been? If you’re in the UK, I’m sure you’re feeling the sudden switch in temperature. I have to say going from 20+ degrees celsius to below 15 degrees has been a shock to my system. Can you say electric blanket? Anyways, today’s are 10 things single women over 35 need to know.

10 Things Single Women Over 35 Need to Know

Let me start off by saying that everything on this may not resonate with you and that’s okay. This is just me sharing from my experience and hoping that it helps someone 😉


Let’s dive right into this list. A lot of people who were your ‘ride or die’ friends will probably not be in your circle and that’s okay. Unconsciously, you will cultivate a friendship circle that aligns with your values. There’s no hard feelings or ill will towards those that don’t make it. You’re just walking a different road.


Before you jump down my throat please read on. You need to learn to cook or at least learn to feed yourself healthily. It isn’t about cooking for a significant other, nope, you need to eat. I remember before moving to the UK, my mother gave me a West Indian cookbook. Plus, she was my go to virtual chef when she was alive.

Specialty Meals

Sticking with food, have a couple dishes that you can whip up for a dinner party or 3. It could be something simple as a shepherd pie or Sunday roast but it’s the one dish your friends know you for. There’s a sense of accomplishment in knowing that you can do that for your loved ones. Don’t get tied up, you don’t need to do it all the time.

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Life Admin

I call all the stuff we all need to do life admin. You know the changing of light bulbs and knowing which ones you need. Smoke detector batteries, paying for council tax and all that good stuff. It’s boring but handling it in a timely manner just makes your life easier. Besides no one wants to have the council on their backs.


Please learn to budget. It doesn’t need to be fancy and you don’t even need to use an excel spreadsheet. Simple pen and paper every month works just as well. However, if you are looking for a budget template you can check this one out or this one. Both are easy and straight forward. Alternatively, if you’re a whizz with excel then you can create your own. I find having a budget helps me to know what I have and what I can save for a particular month.


I am a big supporter of having savings because life is full of unexpected surprises. Loss of employment, having to move, having to purchase household items and tons of other reasons. Having a little bit of back up is always comforting. I’ve spoken before about saving challenges which can give you a start. You can start with £1 or a penny a day.


I separate having a pension from savings because to me they’re 2 separate things. Savings are for your short term, mid term and long term goals. Whereas, your pension is for when you retire and shouldn’t be touched until you retire. Most companies in the UK have a pension scheme that they contribute a percentage to and you can top it up. If you’re self-employed, you can still create a pension plan for yourself. Do some research into your options. If you don’t have a pension, please start now!

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Health Checks

When I turned 40, the NHS sent me a letter to have a physical check at my GP. However, please don’t wait until you hit 40 to start looking after your health. I had an epiphany a few years ago that as a single woman, there is no one who will look after me should I fall ill. Plus, it’s awful and scary experience especially on your own. So with that reality check, I make an effort to do what I need to do for my health.

Treat yo’self!

Okay you know I can’t do a list of 10 things single women over 35 need to know and not include treats. That’s absolute madness! Life isn’t just toil and no fun. So please treat yourself. It could be small or it could be something big like, that dream holiday you’ve been saving for. You don’t deserve it, you need it.

Solo Tripping

You really didn’t expect me to not mention a solo trip in this list? 🙂 You know I’m a big supporter of this and encourage anyone who has the desire to do it. In a nutshell, just try it once and you don’t even need to hop on a plane. Go visit a nearby city you haven’t been to before. Stay in a hotel or nice B&B and do something different just for a weekend.

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These are my 10 things single women over 35 need to know. I’d love to know what are yours and if any on the list surprised you? Leave a comment and let me know.

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