• My 10 Life Commandments

    Hello beauties! Are you still in lockdown? Semi-lockdown? Or has things returned to normal where you are? I was talking to my gorgeous amiga Claudia and she suggested I write a blog post and call it my commandments. So here are my 10 life commandments and I hope they inspire you to think of your own or, you can borrow mine ;). Don't forget to let me know your favourite commandment.

  • Saving Money: 7 Things You’re Forgetting To Do

    7 things you're forgetting to do

    Hello my lovely giraffes. I'm always sharing fashion outfit ideas, travel guides or tips and beauty related info. The one topic I haven't really spoken about is, money. We need money to pay for flights, no matter how cheap you may get them. You need money for those hot shoes. Basically you need money for a lot of things including savings. Here are 7 things you're forgetting to do when it comes to saving money.

  • Keeping Costs Down as a Wedding Guest

    Keeping Costs Down as a Wedding Guest

    Hello, my lovely giraffes! How are you doing? This month is the start of wedding season and you may have already received your invite. I'm always excited to go witness and help celebrate loved ones special day. However, what I'm not a fan of is the exorbitant cost that seems to be attached to it. If you've been there then you know what I'm talking about. So to help all you lovely people out, I've got some advice on keeping costs down as a wedding guest.