7 Easy Ways to Save Money for the Single Girl

7 easy ways to save money for the single girl

Hello my lovely giraffes! After last week’s fiasco I’m finally back with blog posts. Check Thursday’s post to know what I’m talking about! Today’s blog post is all about saving that money so you can have a healthy savings account. Or, maybe you just don’t like wasting money unnecessarily. Here are my 7 easy ways to save money for the single girl.

7 Easy Ways to Save Money for the Single Girl

Utility Bill Shopping

Let’s the boring but important tip out of the way. Yes ladies, please shop around for your utilities. You can use the Money Saving Expert website to help you. There’s no point in having brand loyalty when the brand isn’t loyal to your pocket.

Bank Accounts

Another easy way to save money is to switch your bank account that gives you cash back for paying your bills. Or ones that pay you to switch to them. That’s a bit of extra money you could be pocketing towards a holiday or some new shoes.

Keep the Change

Tesco has it right when they say every penny helps. Can you imagine how much money you could save if you saved your the coins? Well the penny saving challenge determines that you could save roughly over £600 at the end of the year. I did it one year and had a fantastic shopping spree. It meant that I was able to purchase what I needed in one go. Didn’t really need to shop after that. Of course I did but I didn’t really need to. Now I use it to save for trips 😉

Streamline Your Skincare

I am such a product junkie but they can cost a lot! I’ve been having some issues with my skin…hello dermatitis. This means I need to be careful and have found a routine that currently works for me. If you’d like a post on that just let me know. Oh and please use cashback websites when shopping for your products. Also, sign up to newsletters to get that first purchase discount.

Clothes Shopping

Tip number 5 in this list of 7 easy ways to save money for the single girl is about clothing. I will not sit here and tell you not to buy anymore clothing. I’m not your mama and it would be hypocritical of me. Instead, how about reviewing the way in which you shop? Second hand and vintage shopping. Clothes swap with your other stylish friends. Or my favourite, shop your closet. Get a suitcase and fill it with your out of season clothes. So in winter put away your spring summer clothing. When the season hits, pull out the suitcase and surprise you’ve got a new wardrobe.


My lovely single ladies, please go visit the men’s aisle for toiletries. Men’s razors are the best for shaving. Currently, I’m getting laser hair removal (post to come!) so I won’t need to shave as much. But, men’s razors give the smoothest shave. If you like the smell of men’s deodorants, then you’re good to go!

Make Your Own

My final tip…I’ve got more but I did say 7. This tip is about diy. Make your own lunches, coffees, hot chocolates and snacks. Not necessarily every day but maybe more often than not. If you don’t know how to cook, check out YouTube to make your own meals. This means you know what’s going into your body, you get to experiment and uplevel your life skills. If you need some grocery shopping money saving tips, check out this post by Lift Rocket. They’ve got some great ways on stretching your money.

Sticking with the make your own theme, learn some basic sewing so you can sew buttons back on and restitch hems. It will save you money and you’ll get to reuse some of your favourite clothing.

These are my 7 easy ways to save money for the single girl. If you’re not single but find these tips helpful….hurray! Also, share them with your tribe. Saving money is a group effort and not exclusive.

Thanks for reading and commenting, until next time, be well! x

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