My 2020 Travel Bucketlist

My 2020 travel bucketlist

If you’re an avid reader of my blog, thank you, then you would know about the travel bucketlists. Every year (2018 ), I share with you the places I would like to visit. Some I managed to travel to and others remain on the list. This is my 2020 travel bucketlist and please share yours with me. I’m nosey like that 🙂

My 2020 Travel Bucketlist


I have always had a fascination with Japan. Cherry blossom season, the food, the culture and technology has always fascinated me. Maybe I watched too many karate movies. Anyway, this has been on my travel bucketlist for quite some time.


I know, I know I’ve been to Bali before but, there’s so much I haven’t seen. It isn’t just Bali that I want to visit. There are so many places, like Java, Moyo Island and Nusa Ceningan that are on my list to visit whilst in Bali.

My 2020 travel bucketlist - Bali, Jatiluwah rice gardens

I don’t actually know how I can make this happen this year. This single girl has to be an adult and be responsible. Besides, I somehow don’t think my employer will enjoy me taking 2 months off. However, I could dream. Right?


Another cold country and if you know me, then you know I’m a Caribbean girl through and through. Just like I wanted to go on the world’s most beautiful train ride, I want to to see the Northern lights and experience the Blue Lagoon. I get serious FOMO when I see photos of those 2 places. So dreamy!


I was immersed in the content created by the guys at Handluggage Only. They went to the Philippines and it was absolutely beautiful. The beaches were absolutely stunning! Similar to Indonesia, there are different islands you can visit. Each island has something unique and different with their history.

My 2020 Travel bucketlist

So that’s my 2020 travel bucketlist and I hope it’s provided some inspiration for you my travel junkies. Thanks for reading and remember to sign up for my weekly newsletter.

Until next time, be well! x

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