• Hotel Bucket list, QO Hotel

    hotel bucket list - QO front entrance

    Hello, my travel giraffes! How are you? Summer is coming to an end shortly which seems insane to me but nothing lasts forever which got me thinking. I've done a travel bucket list before of which city or country I would like to visit but, I've never done one for places I'd like to stay at. So I've decided to do a regular hotel bucket list and this month's feature hotel is the QO Hotel in Amsterdam.

  • Is Treating Yourself Gone Too Far?

    is treating yourself gone too far-www.majeang.com

    Hello my lovely giraffes. Well if you're in the UK then you would know our heatwave has come to an end. This saddens me but, I do understand that for some people the heat can be unbearable. Anyways, as the rain has commenced and it feels almost autumnal I was thinking of treating myself to a new pair of shoes. This is pretty standard to be honest but then I wondered why I was treating myself. It isn't like I'd done anything major and then I wondered, is treating yourself gone too far?

  • Non Travel Bucket list of a Thirty Something

    non-travel bucket list for a 30-something - risk taking on www.majeang.com

    Hello, my lovely giraffes! I was thinking of what to write for this week's post and couldn't decide until I came up with the idea to do a non-travel bucket list of a thirty-something. There are a million and one bucket lists out there, I even wrote a couple myself, for things to do before you hit 30 or 25. What about someone who is in their late 30s? Last time I checked we had a lot to say and do, so here's my list.