• 10 Simple Habits That Improved My Life

    10 simple habits that changed my life - www.majeang.com

    Hello beauties! And just like that we're in June speeding towards the hotter (hopefully) months of the year. In today's post I'm sharing 10 simple habits that improved my life lately. We all have little things that we do regularly that enhance our lives, these are mine. Be sure to read until the end and leave a comment with your simple habit.

  • Little Luxuries You Can Add to Your Life

    Little Luxuries You Can Add to Your Life - www.majeang.com

    Hello you beautiful humans! How have you been? I don't know about you but life has been incredibly challenging and although I'm able to see the glass half full. I'm very aware that there's a lot of not half glass full stuff, which is why little luxuries are important to your life. They're like little things you can look forward to that you enjoy. Some of them are free and don't cost you a thing! If you're thinking that you need some inspiration, I've got you! Here are some little luxuries you can add to your life.

  • Things To Do in Kuala Lumpur

    Hello you beautiful travel fiends! How are you and where are you going? Today's post is all about things to do in Kuala Lumpur or KL as the locals call it. I took a bunch of beautiful images but WordPress is having a hissy fit because they're too big despite me downsizing it. I did manage to get a few upload so I hope you enjoy!