Little Luxuries You Can Add to Your Life

Little Luxuries You Can Add to Your Life -

Hello you beautiful humans! How have you been? I don’t know about you but life has been incredibly challenging and although I’m able to see the glass half full. I’m very aware that there’s a lot of not half glass full stuff, which is why little luxuries are important to your life. They’re like little things you can look forward to that you enjoy. Some of them are free and don’t cost you a thing! If you’re thinking that you need some inspiration, I’ve got you! Here are some little luxuries you can add to your life.

Little Luxuries You Can Add to Your Life

Quality Chocolate

You don’t need this every week but once a month go and treat yourself to some good quality chocolate. It doesn’t even need to cost you that much. I stumbled upon Waitrose own brand Belgian Hazelnut chocolate and I’m hooked! I’m also a fan of ferrero rocher and wheneve I see it on offer, I pick some up. There’s just something so decadent about unwrapping the gold wrapper and savouring that chocolate ball. It’s just yummy and sometimes exactly what is needed!

Walk in the Park

It may not feel luxurious at first but walking in nature where your eyes can have a feast on beautiful trees, animals and flowers. Now that’s luxury! Plus walking in nature or a beautiful park can give you space to reflect and mental space to think. When you’re cooped up inside taking a walk in the park feels so luxurious because it’s a change of scenery which can help improve your mood. There’s also the additional benefit of reducing your stress levels by walking. Do you have a favourite park to walk around? I love the Kyoto Gardens in Holland Park!

All the Smells

Have you ever walked into a hotel lobby or store and was hit by the most incredible smell? Didn’t that place feel a little bit more luxurious? Candles, incense sticks, fragrance oils and room sprays are great ways to add a bit of luxury to your life. You don’t need to buy the biggest candle costing you £100 but you can get a really nice candle for £20 or even less. I’m a big fan of The White Company Seychelles scent because it gives me spa or nice nice nice hotel vibes. Add some fragrance oil to an Essential oil diffuser and your room will smell divine. You can also add them to your shower which has become part of my morning routine. Let me know if you’d like to know what I do for my morning routine in the comments below.

Listen to that Playlist

I always think that music is the perfect companion to almost anything. Want to level-up your nighttime skincare routine, include music. With Spotify or Amazon Music, you can create a playlist for literally any situation. I have one I listen to when journalling, or just because it’s Sunday morning and I’m having a lazy day in bed. Or, if there’s a challenging task I need to complete or I’m editing photos there’s also a playlist for that. It’s not only music, but there are subliminals that help put me in the right mindset before a workout. Let’s be real, some days you need extra motivation to put on the gym clothes and do the workout. What’s your favourite playlist to get ready to? Share in the comments below.

Use The Nice Stuff

We’ve either bought or been gifted with some nice skincare products that’s in the back of the cupboard. It could be a lovely body wash or body lotion that just makes you feel luxurious. Stop saving it for a special ocassion and use it regularly. You deserve to use the nice stuff on yourself just because it’s a Tuesday. Doing that signals to your brain that you’re worthy of more of that. For instance, I love the Laura Mercier lotions because they smell like decadence and luxury in a bottle. I got myself 4 minis, when I use them it feels so good!

Visit the Nice Places

I remember once going to Hyde Park Hilton a few years ago because I had a voucher. It wasn’t dinner but drinks and finger food. At first, I felt intimidated but with practice I no longer feel that way. Matter of fact, I feel comfortable and I get to enjoy a bit of luxury. So I will encourage you to go to the nice bar or restaurant when you can. Look for happy hours, a Wowcher deal or even just go for 1 cocktail if that’s your thing. If drinking alcohol isn’t for you, have a nice coffee one morning in a nice cafe.

These are some of the little luxuries you can add to your life. The list is endless but these are just some ideas to help you get started. Ultimately, luxury is how you treat yourself which is how you feel about yourself. I’d love to know what your little luxuries are? Let me know in the comments below.

As always thank you for reading and commenting. Until next time, be well! X

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