• 4 Ways to Reset Your Body Post Holiday

    4 ways to reset your body post holiday

    Hello beautiful humans! Welcome to October! The leaves have started to change colour and although the weather is still balmy, there are definite signs of autumn. I'm not a fan of the cold but I do enjoy watching the explosion of nature when the seasons change. Anyway, today's post I'm sharing 4 ways to reset your body post holiday. After an amazing holiday, apart from having the holiday blues your body may need a little reset.

  • My Current Morning Routine

    current morning routine - majeang.com

    Welcome back to the blog you beautiful human! Something no one asked for but, I'm sharing my current morning routine. I was really giving a snake legs and complicating things and it wasn't working for me. After really thinking about what was important and works for me, I narrowed it down to a few things. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration or ideas, if you're looking for a morning routine. Side note, none of this ground breaking.

  • Tips To Help You Live A Rewarding & Successful Life

    Tips To Help You Live A Rewarding & Successful Life

    Welcome back to the blog beautiful people! Life is a series of ups and downs and good times and bad times. There is no one way to live life. Nor is there such a thing as a perfect life. However, there are ways on how you can improve your situation and stay on the right track that will lead you to a happier existence. Here are some tips to help you live a rewarding and successful life that you should take into consideration. Consider these pieces of advice and suggestions as you charge forward and try to figure out the approach you want to take from here on out.

  • 8 Trips Every Woman Should Take in their Lifetime

    8 trips every woman should take in their lifetime

    Hello beautiful, how are you doing today? I know that not everyone is a travel junkie like myself however, you must have a mental list of places you'd like to visit? You may have seen it in a magazine or someone's Instagram and thought, yes I'd love to visit there. There are different types of trips and actually, I think there are 8 trips every woman should take. Some you may have done already and some, you'd like to visit with friends.