Feeling Calmer While Living With Anxiety

Feeling Calmer While Living With Anxiety

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Hello beautiful people! This post is for all of us who have or have had some kind of anxiety. Let’s face it, there’s a lot happening that can make us feel anxious. Everyone needs to look after their mental well-being. It helps with anxiety and makes the issue easier to manage and live with. So here are a few suggestions on feeling calmer while living with anxiety. Please note t

Feeling Calmer While Living With Anxiety

Using medical cannabis

You can also use the likes of medical cannabis for anxiety, as it helps to calm the mind. Instead of dealing with racing thoughts, you can relax and unwind into a peaceful mindset. Using this alongside the following methods will work a treat. You can gain a calmer mind and manage your anxiety like never before.


Another great self-care tip for anxiety is to journal. Journaling is a great mindful way to let out your thoughts and feel safe. Do you feel unsafe telling others? If so, journaling is great for you. You can share whatever is in your mind on paper. You can write the negative things and learn how to turn them into positive things. You can practice gratitude by writing down things you are grateful for. You can use a journal in so many ways to relieve anxiety and become more mindful.


Meditation is another great way to be mindful. It can help bring you to the present moment and calm any racing thoughts. Meditation isn’t just for experts. If you’ve never done it before, you can do it too. You can use guided meditation videos online to sit for a few minutes and come to the present moment. The practice will help you gain more focus and stop stressing about silly things that are causing bad anxiety.

Socialise with those who make you happy

It is good to socialize often. Even if you don’t have anxiety, it will help boost happiness. The Christmas season is upon us which is a great time to socialise with your tribe. It is wise to socialise with people who make you happy. They will distract you and put you in a totally different mindset. Be sure not to avoid social interaction when you feel anxious. It will always help you feel better.

Stay active

Exercise is great for the mind and body. Physical exercise helps to bust stress and brings you to the present moment. You should exercise a few times a week to manage your anxiety. When you do feel anxious, plan a workout or a walk and see how much better you feel afterward. Doing this often will help you manage it.

Sleep more

A lack of sleep can make anxiety worse which I can confirm from personal experience. A racing heart accompanied with little sleep is not going to do anyone any good. Hence, get more sleep by setting a routine. Make sure to switch off your devices early so your mind can relax and rest. Using this guide, you can find the best ways to feel calmer and manage anxiety daily. You don’t need to live in fear when you can manage it and feel more relaxed.

Hope these tips for feeling calmer while living with anxiety help you feel a lot less anxious. Let me know your tips to feel calmer in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and until next time, be well! X

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