How to Look After Your Mental Wellbeing

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Hello, my lovely giraffes! How are you all today? There’s been a lot of talk recently about mental health and wellbeing because of the rise in suicides and high expectations society has placed on us. We are constantly bombarded by so many external distractions that life can become very overwhelming. When I had my counselling practice, a few of my clients didn’t know how to look after their mental wellbeing.  So, I decided to share a little guide on how to look after your mental wellbeing.

How to Look After Your Mental Wellbeing

Listen to your body

Have you ever worked so hard that when you had a moment to take a break, you got sick? Yes? I’m pretty certain your body was giving you little signals, telling you that you needed to slow down. The tiredness, the little aches, shortness of breath, the sudden weight loss or gain, the fuzzy brain and lack of concentration. Those are some symptoms that your body gives you when you’re running on empty. I’ve always told friends that if they don’t listen then your body will shut down. So please pay attention to your body when it gives the signals.


Another point in this how to look after your mental wellbeing guide is to rest regularly. This will go a long way in preventing point A from ocurring. There will always be something to do and I know the struggle because I’m trying to balance a regular job, this blog, grieving and everything else in between. However, what I have started to do is to pause everything so I can rest. When I do this, I find that I am more creative and less agitated. I need to get to the point where my insomnia is less rather than the norm.

There are supplements that have been researched to help with insomnia like CBD. Accordingly, if you are considering a natural approach, you might want to read more about delta 8. This is a *psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant and you can find out the benefits that it can provide by doing some research online. You can ingest it either through a vape, gummies and tinctures. Many people choose the vaping option, as it is easy to take with them throughout the day. It’s helpful to view a comparison post on the best THC vape cartridges, so that you can choose the best product for you. 

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Say No

If you’re a people pleaser, please raise your hand raises hand. Most women and some men are socialised to be people pleasers. We were taught that saying no is a bad thing because it disappoints people and I call BS on that. We are not here to be at the beck and call of others. Say no to the things that cause you discomfort. Say no to being around toxic people and please say no to putting yourself last every damn day!

Say Yes

The paradox is that you also need to say yes but to the things that bring you joy. Say yes to people who lift you up and healthily challenge you. Saying yes to the good things brings more good things for you to say yes to and it also fills your life up so that you don’t have a lot of time for the crap.


Whilst I type this, I realise that I need to declutter my physical and emotional space. Decluttering is a tough but necessary process because how else can we remain healthy in every sense of the word and grow? It is good to remove the things, thoughts and people that no longer serve us. Physical spaces can be transformed and made to feel more positive by adding personal touches such as new lights, cushions, or decorating a coffee table. Swimming in a pool of toxicity is not the way to thrive nor, is it the way to live.


I’m a big fan of planning things or events in your life. Planning can keep us on track if there are certain goals we would like to accomplish. What is not great is over planning. How can you enjoy life and be spontaneous if you have everything planned to the last detail? It takes away the magic of life and you become a human doer instead of a human being.


My final point in this how to look after your mental wellbeing guide is to have some sort of spirituality. This could be going to a place of worship, lighting candles in your bedroom, meditating, walking in nature or taking a moment each day to be quiet. It is whatever and however, you choose it to be. We are more than just a mind and body, we have depth baby!

These are my tips on how to look after your mental wellbeing and I’d like to know how you look after yours. Let me know in the comments below. If you’d find it useful as an infographic, I can create one for you to download send me a message in the comments.

Need more help? Please check out Mind for support. Don’t suffer in silence because you’re not alone.

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