5 Truths About Being Over 40

5 Truths About Being Over 40

Hello you beautiful people! December is in full swing and so are the holidays, how are you coping? If you’re keeping up, as you should, I’m in my mid-40s! Yaay! So I thought in today’s post I would share 5 truths about being over 40. Let’s face it, being 40 now is different from 40 now.

5 Truths About Being Over 40

Lack of Sleep

The lack of sleep will catch up with you. Going on sleep for 4 hours a day for months, will have an effect on your body, mind and overall wellbeing. You used to be able to go out 5 nights in a row and be fresh as a daisy. In this fast paced world that we live in, sleep is your secret weapon. We need quality sleep because you could have 7 hours of bad sleep which does nothing. Why? Quality sleep reduces stress, helps manage weight, thinks clearly, gets sick less often and more. So leave the lack of sleep at the bedroom door.

Weightlifting is Your Friend

As we get older, lifting weights is something that we need to incorporate into our movement regimen. If you’ve never lifted weights before, I suggest that you start off small and slow. There are multiple reasons such as, increased metabolism, boosts libido, bone health, prevents muscle loss and a lot more! If you can afford it, hire a personal trainer for a few sessions to get you aclimatised. Or check out YouTube videos to get you started. A favourite of mine is Fitness Blender, who have a lot of informational videos to get you started.

Your Body Will Change

As we get older, our bodies will change. This is a simple fact of life. The faster and sooner you get comfortable with that fact, the easier you will be able to accept. Once you acknowledge and accept this, you will be able to a) deal with the changes in a healthier manner and b) not be so stressed by it. This doesn’t mean that you can’t do cosmetic treatments. However, by accepting it you will be in a better position to make the right choices for you and your life.

You Care Less

One of the things I noticed when I moved closer to 40 was that I started to care a lot less about the opinions of people. Everyone has an opinion and actually they’re entitled to one. But you’re entitled to completely ignore them. One of my mantras that I’ve shared is, no one gets to decide how you do life because it is your life not theirs.

You Will Need to Adapt to Skin Needs

Finally, if your body changes then so will your skin. If you never needed to use actives such as tretinoin, AHAs or BHAs, you might need to start incorporating them into your skincare routine. You might also arrange to see a Dermatologist to assess the current needs of your skin. Hormones, stress and diet can impact the integrity of your skin. You may used to have oily skin and suddenly you’ve got drier areas. This means some of the products you are used to using may no longer be suitable. The one thing that won’t change in your routine is needing spf.

These have been my 5 truths about being over 40. Are there more truths about being over 40? Absolutely! But let’s take it slow 😉

Thank you for reading and let me know if you’re over 40 and have more truths to share. Until next time be well! X

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