• 8 Trips Every Woman Should Take in their Lifetime

    8 trips every woman should take in their lifetime

    Hello beautiful, how are you doing today? I know that not everyone is a travel junkie like myself however, you must have a mental list of places you'd like to visit? You may have seen it in a magazine or someone's Instagram and thought, yes I'd love to visit there. There are different types of trips and actually, I think there are 8 trips every woman should take. Some you may have done already and some, you'd like to visit with friends.

  • Skincare Products I’ve Been Loving this Summer

    skincare products I've been loving this summer

    Hello my skincare junkies and welcome to another skincare related post. I have to admit, I've kind of slowed down on the beauty related posts. Not because my love for skincare has waned, it's just that I'm being more mindful of what I am using. Plus, you know when you find something that works so you stick with it? That's where I am however, there have been products that I'm really enjoying and thought I would share. Here are the skincare products I've been loving this summer.

  • Keeping Costs Down as a Wedding Guest

    Keeping Costs Down as a Wedding Guest

    Hello, my lovely giraffes! How are you doing? This month is the start of wedding season and you may have already received your invite. I'm always excited to go witness and help celebrate loved ones special day. However, what I'm not a fan of is the exorbitant cost that seems to be attached to it. If you've been there then you know what I'm talking about. So to help all you lovely people out, I've got some advice on keeping costs down as a wedding guest.

  • 3 Tips to Becoming Your Own Boss

    3 tips to becoming your own boss- majeang.com

    Have you ever felt that working behind a desk day in, day out is such a drag? It can grind you down and suck all the drive and fun out of life. It can certainly make you feel less than ambitious. I know for me, I feel like this quite often. I have to wonder when will I take that leap of faith? Whilst I'm answering the when question, I'm getting myself prepared to take that first step. Here are my 3 tips to becoming your own boss.