8 Trips Every Woman Should Take in their Lifetime

8 trips every woman should take in their lifetime

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Hello beautiful, how are you doing today? I know that not everyone is a travel junkie like myself however, you must have a mental list of places you’d like to visit? You may have seen it in a magazine or someone’s Instagram and thought, yes I’d love to visit there. There are different types of trips and actually, I think there are 8 trips every woman should take in their lifetime. Some you may have done already and some, you’d like to visit with friends.

8 Trips Every Woman Should Take in their Lifetime

Solo Trip

Let’s start off with the one that quite a few people believe they won’t be able to do and that’s the solo trip. As you know, hopping on a plane and going off to explore somewhere new on my own isn’t new. I do know that there’s a certain mindset that is required for solo travel however, it’s something that all of us has. If you can go food shopping on your own, or go to the hairdresser’s then you can*book that solo trip. There are simply things about yourself that you cannot learn in a group or with another. Even if it means going to Brighton on your own, plan it and try it. See what you learn about yourself.

The Day Trip

Day trips are great to do with friends or on your own. There’s no need to stay overnight and you can get a snap shot of a place. It breaks up your week and I’ve found that when you first go to somewhere new, it’s almost like time has stretched. I once read that it takes your brain a hot minute to form neural pathways when you go to somewhere new, which can make it feel like time has slowed down. Having new experiences is healthy for you and your brain!

Boozy and Foodie Trip

Do you remember in *Eat, Pray, Love the main character went to Italy and ate alot of good food? Well this is the kind of trip I’m talking about. One where you give yourself permission to truly enjoy food and don’t hold back. There’s so much policing that we experience when it comes to food. I had that experience in Florence. I didn’t really document it as it was a month after my mom passed and my first birthday without her. The trip was planned way beforehand and I went because she would have wanted me to go. Copious amounts of red wine, pasta, prosecco and seafood. New food combinations and wines I hadn’t tried before, whilst didn’t soothe my broken heart certainly soothed my soul.

The Bouji Trip

When I say bouji, I mean the trip where no expense is spared. You travel first or business class and 4 star hotels all the way. This is something all of us women should experience at least once in our lifetime. You don’t need to worry about money and every experience you’d like to do, you do! This is something that most of us will need to save for, unless you win the lotto. I’ve started saving, how about you?

Shopping Trip

A trip abroad simply for shopping is a dream. Whilst many would want to go to New York or Miami I on the other hand, would like to go to Italy. The shoes, bags and all that Italian leather just calls my name. Another trip to save up for.

Girls Trip

This is self explanatory and can be combined with a shopping trip. We all need a girls trip where we can go to the spa, stay up late, drink wine and laugh to your hearts content.

Multi-destination Trip

This I’ve done and it was wonderful! Remember my trip to Bali and Bangkok? Well they were part of the same trip with a week in each destination. This was perfect because it’s easier to travel to Bali from Bangkok. You can read more about what I got up to here, here and here. I would love to do it all over again! Or, city hopping through Spain. Think Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Valencia and more.

A Trip for the Soul

The final trip every woman should take in their life is one for their soul. It could be anywhere in the world, even the city next door. This trip is one where you have space to reflect, relax and connect to yourself.

These are the 8 trips every woman should take in their lifetime, from my opinion. What about you, what trips do you want to take in your lifetime?

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