3 Life Changes I Am Making

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Hello you lovely person who quietly reads my blog :). How are you doing? This blog post is something that I have hemmed and hawed about for weeks. Partly because I hadn’t fully figured out what changes I needed to make and also I wasn’t sure if you wanted to read about it. But, I have since clarified things and thought I would share in case this resonates with you and of course one will impact upon you. Here are 3 life changes I am making.

3 Life Changes I am Making

Direction of this blog

Let’s start with this blog and the direction that I’m taking it in. After paying attention to what you my lovely readers have enjoyed, I will be focusing more on travel. This doesn’t mean I won’t be sharing beauty reviews or my fashion picks. What it does mean is that I will be offering more guides, tips on how to get *cheap flights and accommodation, airport outfits, also the best skincare products to travel with and more. I have always wanted this blog to be a platform to inspire the over 35 single women to travel and that’s what I will do. Let me know what you think about this change and what would you like me to cover.

3 life changes I am making- Brighton

Career Change

I think the pandemic has been a momentous event in so many ways. A lot of changes has taken place globally and individually and one of the things that have been changed are careers. For me, my role was made redundant and I’ve been job hunting, which is such a ball ache! Anyways, during this time I decided to pivot careers and become a portrait and branding photographer. Taking photos for my blog and travels, I fell in love with taking photos. I am now building a business to help small businesses and solopreneurs with their photography. So if you need a photographer or know someone who does, hit me up! It goes without saying that yes, I am happy to travel 🙂

Health Change

The final life change I will be making is around my health. Now I say will be but actually I have started. I’m a big believer in having a holistic approach to my health. A bit of alternative mixed with modern medicine. With the challenges of the past 18 months I decided to look after my health especially as my migraines acted up. With this in mind, I signed up for a few acupuncture sessions, courtesy of Groupon. My friend is training to be a Naturopath and needed a guinea pig for a reduced cost which I was happy to do. Our health is all we have and once it’s gone we fight hard to regain it.

These are the 3 life changes I am making. How about you, what changes are you going to be making? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and until next time, be well! x

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