My Skincare Ins and Outs

My skincare ins and outs

Hello, my fellow skincare junkies how have you been? I saw this trend ages ago and decided to finally write about it. It’s the in and out trend where you talk about the things you are keeping or adding and throwing out. So here my skincare ins and outs.

My Skincare Ins and Outs


Let’s start with the skincare things that I won’t be doing any more.

Using Tretinoin Every Night

I am a big fan of tretinoin and still am however, I am no longer using tretinoin every single night. I used to use this almost every night and it was great! Post chicken pox and my skin is not able to withstand tretinoin every night or even every other night. The most I can do is once or twice a week and I still get the benefits but at a slower pace. I get prescription tretinoin from Dermatica, click to read more here and use my referral code to get credit.

Acids in Every Routine

Oh I loved my acids and tried to incorporate them regularly. It was the glycolic, mandelic, AHAs and more! It was too much and it was impacting on my skin in a negative way. Especially when I was using tretinoin. So I have scaled back on how often I use acids. I’m still a fan of Ren Glow Tonic and use it weekly in my morning routine.

Sticking With Products that Don’t Work

You know that feeling you get when you’ve spent money on a product that everyone is talking about but it doesn’t work for your skin? Yup, I’ve been there and think we all have. Instead of sticking with the product, I would either offer it to someone else or, use it on another part of my body. For instance, The Ordinary Vitamin C is too strong for my face so I use it on my back or butt.

The Ins

Let’s move on to my skincare ins which have made a positive difference to my skin and I’m actually loving it!

Hydrating Products

First off, hydrating products have been a game changer for me. A lot of the hydrating products I’ve been using are Korean which are known for their gentle hydrating properties. Lately I’ve been using the Anua Heartleaf toner which is so gentle and really hydrating for my skin. There’s no skin irritation nor is there a heavy perfume scent to it. I generally apply a couple of layers especially the morning after I use tretinoin.

Spf All Day

I am just including this here because it’s spring going into summer so please wear your spf! Also, you need to be wearing spf all year round. My final word on spf is that I only wear sunscreens that melt into my skin and don’t leave a white cast. No Casper’s allowed.


This is not new especially after discovering Corsx Snail Mucin. Do I need an essence? Not really. Do I always use an essence? Yes, yes I do. It gives me a glass skin effect and also hydrating. Plus, it pairs well with an essence and feels like it acts as a seal for it. What are your thoughts on including essences into your skincare routine?

Add in Gua Sha

My final skincare in is, using gua sha. Gua Sha has been around for over 700 years and originated in China. When you use it correctly, studies show that it improves blood flow, reduce pain, lessen toxins and promotes healing. Having improved blood flow gives your face a fresh glow. Have you tried gua sha before? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments below.

These are my skincare ins and outs and I’d love to know what yours are. Leave me a comment below. Thank you for reading and commenting, until next time, be well! X

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