10 Simple Habits That Improved My Life

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Hello beauties! And just like that we’re in June speeding towards the hotter (hopefully) months of the year. In today’s post I’m sharing 10 simple habits that improved my life lately. We all have little things that we do regularly that enhance our lives, these are mine. Be sure to read until the end and leave a comment with your simple habit.

10 Simple Habits That Improved My Life

Creating A Nighttime Routine

This 1 habit is stacked full of mini habits that I do as part of my nighttime routine. If you’ve read my posts before, you’d know that I get insomnia which is truly a pain. At its peak, I was averaging about 5-6 hours a week of sleep and it caused all sorts of issues. Anyway, I read somewhere that having a routine can help and it does. Within the routine I take magnesium and ashwaghanda to help me relax and get a good night’s sleep. My routine also signals to my brain that it’s time to relax and wind down. What do you do as part of your nighttime routine?

Pray and Journal Before Phone

I put in place this habit about 6 months ago where I don’t go on my phone until I pray and journal. I find that when I do this and don’t jump on social media first thing, I think clearly. I remember things that I need to and it gives me 10-15 minutes of time to myself. It’s feeding the spiritual and emotional side of myself. It’s a bit like watering a plant first thing which sets the tone for my day. Essentially, I am able to handle the day ahead instead of the day handling me.

Doing A Check In

My family and a fair few amount of my friends are scattered across the globe. Everyone has busy lives and we don’t always speak daily, weekly or even monthly. So on a monthly basis, I do a check in with my loved ones. It’s usually a message asking how they’re doing and what’s happening in their world. For me, this helps me to remain connected and let’s them know that they’re not alone. A few messages or even a phone call gets exchanged and we catch up on what’s happening in each other’s lives. Offer support where and when we can with the knowledge that we’re not free falling in life by ourselves.

Weekly Foam Rolling

This has been a game changer for me and I use it once or twice a week as part of recovery. I lift weights on a regular basis which causes sore muscles. To show my body a bit of TLC, I foam roll to help my muscles out. I’ve also noticed that any subsequent soreness is minimised. I’m not saying it goes away especially after legs day but, it has made a difference in a good way. There’s nothing like having to walk up a bunch of stairs the day after legs day. Let me know if you understand the sufferation I’m talking about!

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Working Out at Home

Sticking with exercise, I work out at home instead of the gym. I used to go to the gym pre-Covid but my life has changed and thus no more gym. Instead, I use the Centr Fitness App where I pay an annual membership. On the app there are different types of exercises such as, pilates, dynamic yoga, weight lifting, HIIT, HIRT, boxing and more. It’s pretty holistic as there’s meal plans, meditations, articles which explains the science of why you’re doing what you’re doing and a few other things. The app is constantly improving and adding new workouts so I don’t get bored.

Using Notes on my Phone

I always used to think, oh I’ll remember that. Nope, no I don’t remember it! Instead, I have started just making a note on my phone. This has been a saving grace for me. There’s a constant running food shopping list on my phone so when I go to the grocery (shoutout to Lidl!) I don’t need to try to remember what I need. Also, sometimes I get hit with inspiration for a blog post whilst I’m on the train or even looking at YouTube. Just taking 5 seconds to make a note has saved me time and money.

Utilising Sleep Mode on My Phone

I started checking through the health features on my phone and discovered sleep mode. Essentially, it’s switching your phone between certain hours to, do not disturb. In this mode your phone display also turns on night mode to reduce the blue light and unless to say otherwise, notifications from all apps are muted. This small habit has really helped me with switching off and getting off my phone. Do you put your phone in sleep mode before bed?

Using Essential Oils

I’ve spoken about this before but I’ll mention it again here. Adding an essential oil to your shower is a game changer. Imagine smelling peppermint or eucalyptus or a favourite scent wafting from your shower before you get in. It’s heaven! Mentally, I feel more alert and makes me enjoy my shower even more. I switch scents depending on my mood on the day. At the moment, I’m enjoying lemongrass especially on the days the British weather is throwing a tantrum. What’s your favourite scent?

Meal Prep

My final simple task has been good ole meal prep. I don’t always feel like cooking nor do I always want to order food. So having a couple of meals already in the fridge or freezer has made a massive difference. It saves me time, energy and money. Plus, I’m eating healthier meals by not ordering KFC no matter how delicious it may taste! Stir fries are great for meal prep because you can use practically any vegetable, meat, fish or seafood.

These are my 10 simple habits that improved my life and of course I have more so let me know if you’d like a part 2 in the comments below.

As always, thank you for reading and leaving a comment. Until next time, be well!X

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