• Smart Girl’s Guide to Avoid Being Ripped Off

    smart girl's guide to avoid being ripped off

    Many women feel nervous about doing some things alone. From buying a car to travelling solo, it can sometimes feel the cost of things goes up just because you’re a woman by yourself. Avoid the hidden extras added by patronising car salesman, travel agents who add costs to make you feel safe and other unscrupulous types. Read on for these tips in the smart girl's guide to avoid being ripped off.

  • Fresh Beauty Review

    Fresh Beauty review- majeang.com

    Hello my skincare junkies, I've got a review for you today from Fresh. This is a brand I've seen around for some time but was put off by the price tag. I was browsing Cultbeauty who started to stock Fresh and they had travel sized versions. This made it more affordable and allowed me to trial the products for over a month (and counting). Enough waffling, here's my Fresh Beauty review.

  • How to Cope During a Heatwave

    how to cope during a heatwave - Lisbon

    Hello my lovely giraffes it's been hot in England and all across Europe. I love the heat, bright sunshine and wearing less layers. However, some days have been hotter than Trinidad and Tobago. London can't cope with this and most people can't cope with this. I posted a few tips on my Instagram but if you don't follow me or have social media, a post might be helpful. Here are my tips on how to cope during a heatwave.