Wanderlust List 2018

wanderlust list 2018

I know! I know! You’re probably thinking the year isn’t over yet love! I know it isn’t but I like to think ahead and sometimes plan a few things. Plus, it gives me something to look forward to! I’m just a regular chick with big dreams and that includes, travelling as much as I can before the world implodes on itself. I kid….kinda! Anyways, I’m sharing my wanderlust list for 2018 and let’s not fool ourselves, there will be a part 2 🙂

On with the story!

Wanderlust list 2018


I think I’ve had this on a previous list but if not it’s definitely on the list now! I would love, love, love to experience Japan during the spring and see the cherry blossoms.

wanderlust list 2018- japan cherry blossoms


Given that Finland is cold, it must mean that there’s something pretty amazing for me to want to visit. Actually, there are a couple of reasons. Firstly, I’d love to see the Northern lights and Finland is one of the places you can view it from between, September to March.

wanderlust list 2018- northern lights

Next would be to see reindeer! Yes I know Santa in the red suit isn’t real but reindeer are! Finally, there’s a really cool church called the Rock Church which is a building carved from rock in Helsinki.


What can I say about Hawaii that you don’t already know? It’s sunny, with beautiful beaches and I imagine amazing food. Throw in some friendly people and a gorgeous landscape, this Trini girl can’t ask for much more. I got inspired to add this to my wanderlust list for 2018 by checking out the Instagram page of the guys from Handluggage Only. Very swoon worthy.


Every year it seems I make a visit to some part of Italy, here and here. I don’t know what it is about this country that has me so besotted with it. I think ever since I visited the Amalfi Coast a few years ago, I’ve wanted to see more and more of the country. Everywhere has something different to offer plus, I love the food and depending on where you go, prosecco on tap 🙂


I have never skiied but I like the idea of being on the slopes. That said my balance isn’t exactly the best so perhaps I will just stick to watching people ski whilst I sip a hot chocolate wrapped up in a cosy blanket. I’ve been to Zurich and Geneva before but, I want to visit the Swiss Alps especially The Matterhorn.

wanderlust list 2018- the matterhorn, switzerland

How about you? What’s on your wanderlust list for 2018? Share in the comments below because I need all the wanderlust inspiration I can get!

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