Winter Floral Dress X Nastygal

winter floral dress - featuring nastygal

Welcome to another Styling Saturday post my lovelies. Isn’t a relief to get to Saturday and just chill? With today’s post, I’m sharing this cute winter floral dress from Nastygal.

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Winter Floral Dress

There’s nothing ground-breaking about winter florals. Just like there’s nothing ground-breaking about summer florals. However, it is something that isn’t a trend that’s going to be going anywhere anytime soon. As a matter of fact, I think you could consider it a classic.

The Dress

For me, dresses are the easiest things to wear during autumn and winter. You can style them with ankle boots, sock boots, calf boots, knee high boots or, over the knee boots. You get the picture?

Winter floral dress from Nastygal

I found this dress on Nastygal when I found out they were in the UK and I thought let’s see what they’ve got. There’s this perception that us 30 plus girlies are supposed to start dressing a certain way and we need to leave sites like that alone. I’m here to say that if someone tells you that or even implies should go and sit on a hot coal in hell 🙂



I love how the yellow flowers pop against the navy blue and black background. It brightens up an otherwise dark dress and goes well with the location.

winter floral dress - bow detail

Ooh and the surprising part of this dress is the bow at the back of the neck! It just takes the cute factor up a bit more.


As mentioned before you can style dresses with all sorts of boots and I chose some black ankle studded boots with black tights. I threw on a black leather jacket from All Saints to complete the look.

winter floral dress x nastygal

winter floral dress - shoes

I liked the Nastygal website and plan to get a couple more pieces over the next few months. Have you bought anything from them before? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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Until next time, be well!



What I’m wearing:
Dress- Nastygal; Jacket- All Saints; Boots – Deichman old, similar


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