How to Uplevel Your Skills

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Hello lovelies! Thank you for all the love on my last post, I really do appreciate it :). Changing direction, today’s post is about how to uplevel your skills. You may be wondering what that’s about and really it’s looking at what skills you can add to your bag.

We’re all alive so that means we all have a purpose. Whether you know what your purpose is or not is irrelevant (at least in my opinion) because your skills can lead you to your purpose. Added to that we all have a bag full of skills that we can utilise to make this life experience well an experience.

Here are a few of my tips when it comes to uplevelling your skills


  1. Inventory- you need to take stock of what skills you already have and see what (if any) needs improvement. For example, I took a really great online photography course, but always felt that I needed a hands-on workshop to put into practice what I knew.

  2. Take action – I think for a lot of people this is where they get a bit stuck, I know I do! Taking action is knowing the right kind of action to take, which you will know because you took inventory. Going back to photography, I found a 2 hour workshop that enabled me to do learn a bit more and refreshed what I already knew, in a practical way.

  3. Don’t stop learning- when you leave secondary school or college or university, you think that’s it for learning. Nope! As we get older, the more we need to learn. This doesn’t mean you need to enroll in a course, you can if you want to, but with technology you can learn practically anything once you have access to a computer and internet. I refer to YouTube as the University of YouTube and if it really was a university I would have my Masters by now :).

  4. Enjoy it! – this isn’t like when you’re in school and you have to do a subject you don’t like. That’s the beauty about skills, you can uplevel any skill that sets your heart on fire. Plus the more you enjoy it, the more you will continue uplevelling your skills and the more life becomes enjoyable.

Those are my tips on how to uplevel your skills. Tell me in the comments, what skill would you like to uplevel? Can’t wait to read them 🙂

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