My Top Travel Gadgets

top travel gadgets

Why hello gorgeous! Isn’t the weather in the UK just beautiful?! I haven’t travelled since May and I’m going through withdrawal symptoms! So to cheer myself up, I decided to share with you my top travel gadgets that I recently stumbled across. These are the types of things I would love to own and use, when my smart phone no longer cuts it.

World Sim

Ok let’s start off with the obvious and that’s wifi. Yes I know we all need to disconnect from the internet and social media from time to time (read my post on Social Media Detox). However with the realities of the world and travel, we need to stay connected once in a while. You know let your family and friends know that you landed safely. Cue WorldSIM Infinity, who combines wifi and mobile in one sim. You buy the SIM top up and et voila! You’re ready to go. Something you should note is that the wifi pass is active from the date you purchase. This would be perfect for a 10 day trip to South America. I could just picture the amazing sunsets on the beach, whilst drinking coconut water from the nut. Sorry day dream over!

Next on my top travel gadgets list, I have wireless earbuds.

The Clik

I was perusing the tinty web, as you do and stumbled across these earbuds called the clik that does voice translation for you, whilst in your ear! My inner techie ears perked up and was hooked! It comes with a case that also charges your smart phone, has noise cancellation and it connects to your phone so you get audio notifications. Now let’s say you’re in the middle of Peru and the only spanish words you know are cerveza. The waitress is asking a bunch of questions, this mi amigos will be able to help you :). This hasn’t hit the market as yet but you can sign up here for release notification and money off.

Scrubba Wash Bag

Washing clothes is something we all have to do, matter of fact I washed 4 loads yesterday. Yes I know but when all the machines in your building’s laundry room dies, you’re screwed! Thank god for amazing friends! Anyway, I digress. The scrubba wash bag is basically a portable washing machine. Fantastic for anyone who is travelling for a lengthy period of time. Lightweight, it’s 145g and folds up really neatly in your luggage.

Doesn’t use a lot of water or detergent. Rub for about 3 mins and laundry is clean! My mother would say it’s a high tech scrubbing board that we used back in the day to do laundry sans washing machine.

That’s my list (so far) of my top travel gadgets. You’re connected, can get translations and clean your clothes, what more can a girl ask for? Let me know what your travel gadgets are in the comments below.

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