4 Quick Ways to Travel in Comfort

how to stay comfy whilst travelling

Hello my travel junkies. Apologies for not having any blog posts up last week but, I was stuck in Iceland. All I will say is that the storms were not my friend. You can see a bit of what I got up to in Iceland on IGTV. Today’s post is all about 4 quick ways to travel in comfort.

4 Quick Ways to Travel in Comfort

Comfortable Clothing

Let’s start with comfortable clothing. There’s nothing worse than sitting on a plane for hours and having clothes digging into you. Or, shoes that are heavy and uncomfortable. I travel in trainers that are easily removed or, warm, light boots. For clothing, oftentimes I’m in my jeans because they have stretch and I size up. Or loose fitting soft trousers. Planes are always cold so layer up to keep warm.

Stay Hydrated

There’s nothing worse than being a soggy de-hydrated mess. Headaches, dry lips and just basically feeling dry all round. Whether you take an empty water bottle through security and fill up at a water station. Or, you fill up on the flight. Please drink as much water as you can on your trip. Yes you will need the bathroom more often but being de-hydrated isn’t comfortable.

4 quick ways to travel in comfort

The Importance of Skincare

Another quick way to travel in comfort, is to have your travel skincare prepped. We all know that planes dry out your skin and whilst drinking water helps, you need a bit of TLC. For my combination but sensitive skin, I would take an oil or slightly thick moisturiser. My cleanser needs to be more on the hydrating/moisturising side. If you would like me to share the products I’ve found helpful whilst flying let me know in the comments below.

Professional Tips

We all know that sitting for long periods are not healthy for us. So I got some tips from an Osteopath. Nadia Alibhai is not only a qualified Osteopath but, she’s also a back and well-being expert. Her tips on how to stay comfy whilst flying are simply but effective.

She recommends that your feet need to be flat on the floor whilst sitting. Can you imagine the strain it puts on your back if it’s not? Also, get up and stretch to stop muscles from stiffening. Move off your seat every 30-45 minutes.

Nadia gives a lot of useful advice on her Instagram about dealing with back pain, so be sure to give her a follow. Or if you need some professional help then go see her!

4 quick ways to travel in comfort

I love flying but there are some aspects to it that aren’t great. These are my 4 quick ways to travel in comfort and I hope they helped! You know I’m big on sharing is caring, so share this post to a fellow solo traveller. What are the ways that you stay comfortable when you’re travelling? Let me know in the comments below and let’s share the knowledge.

As always thank you for reading and commenting. Until next time, be well! x

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