4 Ways to Mentally Prepare for your First Solo Trip

4 ways to mentally prepare for your first solo trip - Dubai

Picture it, you’re 36 years old and you wake one morning realising that you want to go on a little trip. Your friends have other commitments and aren’t able to go. What do you do? Well in my case, I booked that trip to Barcelona and haven’t looked back since. If I could do it, so can you. Here are 4 ways to mentally prepare for your first solo trip.

4 Ways to Mentally Prepare for you First Solo Trip

Start Small to Build Confidence

I think when you hit a certain milestone, you become more cautious and sometimes it can make you not do things. For instance, I always thought that travelling alone was a no, no. That thought has since been obliterated because if I waited on another person to do something, I wouldn’t have been to some amazing places. So start small, take a train or bus to another part of the country that you haven’t been. If that’s still too daunting for you, start with dinner on your own and build up from there. You will soon realise that you can actually do this.

4 ways to mentally prepare for your first solo trip - Centro mercardo, Valencia

Research, Research, Research

I cannot stress this enough but do your research because it will alleviate some of your concerns. Look at your accommodation and read reviews of where you want to stay. Read the reviews where they mention cleanliness, location and staff. Check out how easy it is to get to and from the airport. If it’s affordable to, book a taxi to your hotel and try to arrive during the daytime. They didn’t lie when they said, ‘knowledge is power’.

Have a Plan

I’m a mix between spontaneity and planner, both come in handy when I’m travelling. For instance, when I went to Madrid, I found out where to have the best tapas and red wine (thanks guys!). If you’re interested it’s a place called Taberna El Sur and the house red is divine. Anyway, I read that the place gets busy from a certain time so I got there early before the massive queue that was there when I left. I planned my route to and from the hotel and enjoyed a lovely evening. Moral of the story, plan your ish!

4 ways to mentally prepare for your first solo trip - Eze Village, France

Get Excited

It is so easy to allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the fear of travelling solo. However, there’s excitement in taking the trip otherwise why do it. When you’re doing your research and planning, allow yourself to feel the excitement. Let the opportunity to have something to look forward to, for yourself fill you with joy. Despite some pitfalls, travelling is so much fun and exciting. I can’t tell you how good it feels to get through airport security and eventually board the flight. Saying hello to the flight attendants and taking off to somewhere new. Allow the excitement to come.

Have you solo travelled before? How did you prepare for it? Did you use any of my 4 ways to mentally prepare for your first solo trip? Let me know in the comments below.

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