Simple Ways to Save Money on Fashion

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Our fashion choices are all about looking and feeling good, but quite often, they also come at the expense of our finances. Clothes shopping can be very expensive, which is why many of us resist the urge to go out and buy something new. However, there are ways to make savings, so if you’re looking to add something to your wardrobe any time soon, here are some simple ways to save money on fashion.

Simple Ways to Save Money on Fashion

Utilise Free Shipping

When you’re shopping online at your favourite fashion stores, there is one way you can reduce the damage to your finances: free shipping. You can do this when buying accessories, such as sunglasses (see the previous link), handbags, and earrings, and you can also do this when buying clothes. 
Ted Baker, Zalando, and Toms are just some of the UK online stores that offer free home delivery, so if you have your eye on something for your wardrobe, don’t add to the expense with extortionate shipping costs.

Buying Out of Season

If you have been a long time reader of mine, you would have read posts where I wax lyrical about buying out of season. There is no harm in buying out of season. Now is the time to stock up on pieces for next year’s summer wardrobe, for example, by heading out to the end of season sales. You can do the same early next when this year’s winter essentials go on sale. Of course, there are also those items that never go out of season, so trendsetter or not, you should still find a bargain that can be worn at any time. A classic is always in season.

Setting Up Sales Alerts

Don’t want to spend your time checking your fave fashion sites for sales offers? Fine, use services such as PriceAlert, as you will get a handy email alert every time something drops in price. Using the previous link, you will get to find out about all the latest deals from stores such as House of Fraser, New Look, and Laura Ashley, so sign up for these and more. You need never pay more again, as you will have your finger on the pulse on anything that will suit both your fashion sense and your pocket.

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Sign Up As a New Customer

Lots of stores give new customers money off their first order. This is great news if you’re a first-time buyer as you can benefit from some great savings. But what about existing customers? Usually, you’re not so lucky, but if you sign up again with a new email address, they might still send a discount offer to your inbox. Of course, they might discover your ruse if you regularly use the same bank card. However, you can create accounts with your Paypal address or one of your credit cards. This might still get you the first time shopper offer.

Amazon Warehouse Deals

When goods are returned to Amazon, they can’t always be sold again at full retail price. Instead, they end up within the Amazon Warehouse section of the site. The items are sold at reduced prices from what they were originally. This is a great way to save money on fashion, although you should still check the garment when it is delivered to you. This is just in case there is evidence that it has been worn before. Our advice: wash anything you receive just to be on the safe side. If you notice any signs of damage, contact Amazon for a refund. 

Use Cashback Websites

Cashback sites are free to sign up to, and you earn cashback when you buy from one of their affiliated sites. You usually make between 5-10 % savings this way. Although you might have to wait a few weeks before the money is deposited into your account. Quidco is one of the more popular cashback sites online, although there are others if you want to shop around.

Ebay’s Fashion Brand Outlet

Loads of UK fashion retailers use Ebay’s Fashion Brand Outlet as a secondary way to sell their items. More often than not, the items they sell are discounted in price. You can get great prices on accessories as well as clothes. Some stores such as Dorothy Perkins, Joules, and Ted Baker have a presence on the site. It’s still worth comparing their prices with those on their own websites, however, as you do want to make sure you’re getting a bargain. Ebay is also a great place to find vintage pieces. I found vintage levi’s for under £30.

These are just a few simple ways to save money on fashion. So consider them the next time you’re planning on refreshing your wardrobe. By dressing for less, you will be able to save money to buy those outfits that are at the premium end of boutique price ranges. What are your simple ways to save money on fashion? Share in the comments below.

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