10 Piece Summer Wardrobe from Mango Essential Prices

10 piece summer wardrobe from mango essential prices

Hello my lovely giraffes! How are you? Let me know how you really are with week 10 (or something like that) in quarantine? Today’s post is to give you a bit of lighthearted relief. I checked out Mango’s essential price range so you won’t have to. Here’s my 10 piece summer wardrobe from Mango Essential Prices.

10 Piece Summer Wardrobe from Mango Essential Prices

Made for Walking

Okay let’s start with my favourite and that’s shoes. Because I am keeping it to 10 pieces, I kept it to 1 pair which was really hard.

I love these croc-effect sandals are perfect for summer and usually they’re £35.99 but, currently they’re £19.99. Bargain!

Keep it on Top

There are a lot of beautiful pastel colours for this spring/summer that are a great addition to your 10 piece summer wardrobe from Mango essential prices.

I know I mentioned pastels but of course I needed to include a black top. The asymmetric top will be great for all occasions and is only £17.99. The strap top which is £6.99 will be great for a backyard BBQ or, just lounging in your garden (if you have one).

Bottoms Up

Jeans, trousers, shorts and skirts are key pieces to any essential wardrobe. This is also a foundation for city breaks, when we are able to have them!

Mom jeans are so comfy. Paired with the sandals and pastel yellow top, you’ve got a relaxed summer look. Alternatively, you can pair it with linen trousers.

Dress it Up

I chose only 1 dress but it comes in 2 different colour ways, depending on your preference.

A wrap dress is a great silhouette for all body types. I love the yellow pattern as I’m partial to yellow and it’s such a summery colour. If that isn’t your thing, you may prefer the sand colour. Both will go perfect with the croc-effect sandals. Not bad for £25.99!

Cover Up

Listen as much as we love the hot weather, here in the UK it isn’t always hot and a jacket is needed. Nothing to heavy but something to keep the chill at bay.

This is why a denim jacket shines. Like jeans, it’s such a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn year in, year out. It’s a great shade of denim so you can wear it casually or when you need to be a bit more dressed up. Finally, another great piece is the trench coat which gives a polished and chic look whilst that summer sun sets. This flowy trench is an oversized fit so bear that in mind if you decided to purchase.

What do you think about my 10 piece summer wardrobe from Mango essential prices? What was your favourite?

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