9 Things Helping me Through Isolation

9 things helping me through isolation

Well hello there my giraffes! How was your weekend? Do you still notice a difference between the week and weekends? Let me know in the comments. Also, I did a little bit of a spruce to the look of the blog…what do you think? This is week 9 of lockdown in the UK so I thought I would share the 9 things helping me through isolation. Maybe you will find something helpful during this slower pace of life.

9 Things Helping me Through Isolation

Reflections and Prayer

Before the slower pace of life, I often used to wish I could switch my brain off. Really I just wanted a bit of mental space to reflect on what I’d survived the last few years. So I’m taking the extra time I have been given to be grateful for what was and what is. I’ve been doing this through prayer and meditation. I’ve found it helpful with maintaining a peaceful mindset. So despite what may be happening outside, I don’t get swayed by the nonsense. What about you?

Workout Challenges

I’ve been finding working out regularly healthy for me. Not only physically but also mentally. I decided during this isolation, I would take it up a notch and do a couple of workout challenges. I’ve mentioned before about an app called Centr Fitness, which is the brainchild of Chris Hemsworth aka Thor. Apart from the daily workouts, they’ve introduced 6 week challenges which has been kicking my butt…in a good way!

9 things helping me through isolation - exercise challenges

Creating Content

As you can see I’ve been pretty consistent with the content creating. It brings me joy especially, if it’s helping someone. I will admit that my photography practice hasn’t been what I would like but, it’s something I can look forward to.

Listening to Music

I don’t know about you but everyone needs a sound track for their life. For me, it changes from month to month. So I’ve been creating playlists to suit my current mood. There’s nothing like having something to soothe your soul or shaking your ass to. Balance 😉

9 things helping me through isolation - music playlist


Like the rest of the UK, I’ve baked the banana bread. But, I’ve also baked brownies and chocolate cake. Some successful and some not but that’s part of the learning process. Apart from baking, I’ve tried new recipes that I’ve found online and adapted to my own needs. My favourite so far is a king prawn in a coconut milk sauce. So delicious!

Video Calls

I don’t think I’ve done so many zoom calls, WhatsApp calls, Microsoft Teams or just regular calls in such a short space of time. However, this has been great at keeping in regular contact with friends and family. You realise that connection isn’t about the brunches and lunches (although they’re nice). It’s about being present for each other, whilst being with each other.


I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog post about doing online courses. Now, I have been learning a language face to face since last year. Fast forward to now, the course has moved online and I’m so grateful. Firstly, it gives me something to look forward to and do every week. Secondly, there are exams that I need to study for.

If studying an online course isn’t for you, then please don’t force yourself to do it.

Making a Shopping Wish list

I have an ongoing wish list of things I would love to purchase. Stuff from a new smoothie blender to white mules from Love Raid. Having a wish list gives me that feeling of good things to come. Would you like me to share my wish list in another post? Let me know in the comments below.


Of course you know I’m a skincare junkie and couldn’t leave this off my list. Apart from decluttering my skincare drawer, I have been working on clearing up my skin. I’ve mentioned before that I suffer from redness on my cheeks and have been diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis. It’s been a bug bear of mine and I’m on the search for a reasonably priced Dermatologist who is offering virtual consultations. If you have any suggestions let me know.

Those are the 9 things helping me through isolation. Now I’d love to know what’s helping you through isolation.

As always, thank you for reading and until next time, be safe x

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