About Me, Skincare Edition

Hello my skincare junkies. How have you been doing? I thought I would introduce or, re-introduce myself but with a twist. This is the about me skincare edition.

About Me, Skincare Edition

Cosmetic Procedures

I haven’t had anything like botox, fillers or went under the knife. It’s not something I would rule out however, a lot of research and soul searching would be required beforehand. I have had other types of cosmetic procedures.

Mole Removal

I inherited a lot of moles from my Grandmother and for the most part they don’t bother me, until recently. Some of them started to spread across my face, neck and torso. So when I went to Trinidad last year, I had a few of them removed. Was it painful? Yes. Would I do it again? Yes!

Laser Hair Removal

Technically not a cosmetic procedure but it kinda is. I’ve been receiving laser removal treatments on my legs, bikini and underarm for awhile. It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. For my underarm, I have been going to Pulse Light Clinic (Ad-gift). The rest, I bought a package deal at Camden Spa for 2, 6 sessions. If you’d like a dedicated post, leave me a comment below.

about me skincare edition- led treatment

LED Laser Treatment

I’ve had these treatments before at various facial appointments and love them. I wrote about my gifted treatment at Pulse Light Clinic here, if you need more information.

Holy Grail Products

We all have those products that if you were stranded on a desert island, you would need. As much as I am a product junkie, there are a few holy grail products.

Vitamin C

I am a huge fan of the vitamin C serum 10 by Skinceuticals which works great for the sensitive skin I’ve developed. It’s pricey but it works. My skin has gotten brighter over time and it doesn’t irritate my skin.

About me skincare edition- serum 10


Sticking with Skinceuticals, their retinol 0.3 is a holy grail product for me. It took some time for my skin to adjust to it but its paid off. One of the benefits of lockdown has been the opportunity to go ham on retinol. You can experience peeling but over time it gets rid of texture, breakouts and lines.


If you ready my latest skincare review on The Inkeylist, you would have read me raving about their niacinamide. This serum works to reduce redness, treats hyperpigmentation, regulates oil production and protects against sun damage.

About me skincare edition- niacinamide


I’ve said this before and I will say it again, once you have skin you need to wear spf. None of this, my melanin will protect me BS. The sun ages you faster than that toxic relationship however, neither are good for you!

Skin Issues

Unless you’ve been blessed with smooth, non-visible pores and no spots skin, we all have something to work on. I’m no different and I’ve got a lot to tackle.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

So I was diagnosed with SD and it’s hella annoying. It came out of nowhere a few years ago and only resides on my cheeks (thankfully!). It’s not an overnight fix but I’m hoping to find the right treatment for it. If you know of a product or treatment for it, help a girl out please.

Visible Pores

It’s not so much the visible pores that drive me up a wall, it’s that they get blackheads that annoys me. This causes the pores to look larger than they actually are. They’ve got to go!

So that’s my about me, skincare edition. Do you use any of my holy grail products? Or can you relate to my bug bears? Let me know in the comments below.

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Until next time, be well! x

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