Must Have Shoes for Summer 2019

must have summer shoes for 2019- feature

Hello my little shoe junkie, it’s been a Jimmy Choo minute since I did a dedicated blog post to shoes. But today that’s about to change because I’m sharing the must have shoes for summer 2019. I know you’re probably thinking that it’s too late, but honey it really isn’t. Plus these are shoes you’d wear year after year. We’re looking at longevity yet stylish, so read on!

Must Have Shoes for Summer 2019


I remember mules when I was little and couldn’t understand them. Probably because I couldn’t understand the style potential. Fast forward to 2019 and these are a must have summer shoe.

Must have summer shoes for 2019- Mules

I got these in the Zara sale because a) they were the perfect pop of colour to monochromatic outfits or simply adds a bit of sass to jeans. Oh and b) they were under £23! I’m thinking of doing a styling post with these mules, what do you think?

Strappy Minimalistic Heels

Next on my must have summer shoes for 2019 list have got to be the strappy minimalist sandals. These have been out since before summer 2019 was a twinkle in our eye. The first pair is from New Look (similar here) which I got online for about £12 and of course I purchased the black pair.

Must have summer shoes for 2019- strappy sandals

Very chic and the white ones are perfect for summer. Just picture these with some beige linen shorts and a white shirt. It’s definitely a chic vibe. The next pair I think are very 70’s inspired but still gives that strappy chic vibe.

Must have summer shoes for 2019- Zara strappy heels

Style Tip: This pair gives me a vintage style vibe. It’s the kind of strappy heel I would wear with a printed shirt dress or this dress from All About IV.

The Flat Sandals

These leather flat sandals were needed after my previous pair died and I got them from Primark. I know people can have a love hate relationship with Primark but, you can find a bit of a balance with them. Mindful shopping is the name of the game. Anyway, these brown flat sandals are a life saver! I throw them into my luggage whenever I’m going somewhere hot and sunny.

Must have summer shoes for 2019- flat sandals

Style Tip: pair with denim shorts and a slogan tshirt tied in a knot at the back.

The GOAT of Summer Shoes

If there’s one must have summer shoe that will take you through each summer, it’s the espadrille. These shoes are the epitome of summer and when I start thinking about how to wear them, I know summer has officially arrived.

Must have summer shoes for 2019- Castaner espadrilles

My favourite espadrilles come from the Spanish brand, Castañer and I just love them. They’re so comfy, comes in a variety of styles and so easy to style.

Style Tip: printed espadrilles can be worn with a lot more than you think. Experiment!

These are all the must have summer shoes for 2019 that I’ve got for you. I think they will pretty much cover you for the summer, except for festivals ;).

Let me know what’s your favourite? Or have I forgotten a pair that’s a definite must have? Let me know in the comments.

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