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Hello my lovely giraffes and welcome to autumn. The temperature has gotten cooler although, some days are still very summer-like which I have no complaints about. I decided to take a week off from blogging and think about what I want to do with this blog and how I can achieve it. Going forward, there will only be 2 posts a week from me and a weekly newsletter. That way I can create useful quality content for you guys and keep my sanity!

Now let’s get on with today’s post which is all about the rise of sustainable fashion featuring All About IV Designs.

The Rise of Sustainable Fashion

Fast Fashion

Fast fashion has become a staple of the fashion industry but it seems to be taking over which on one hand is good. On the other hand not so great. When you consider the cost of creating one item and the impact it has on the environment, it makes you think. I’m like every fashionable girl in the world and love trying out new styles, textures or patterns. However, I’ve really started to think about the impact on the environment fashion has on future generations. I’ve also thought about how it is impacting us now in the present day.

The rise of sustainable fashion - finnicular

There’s been a real push for having more and that more is better. But is it really when it comes to fashion? How many handbags do we really need? Do you actually need another cheap pair of shoes that will not last through 2 winters?

Quality vs. Quantity

There are tons of YouTube videos on Primark hauls or just clothing hauls in general but, do you ever wonder what happens to the clothing after? I started to wonder if buying 20 clothing items a month is really worth it and it really isn’t. This is especially evident if after a year it hasn’t been worn. To me, quality clothing are items that are versatile enough to be worn many ways and still look stylish. It may cost a little bit more but, the cost per wear means you don’t lose any money. I’m not saying not to buy fast fashion but perhaps really put more thought into it. I have pieces I bought from Primark and H&M that have lasted me years! I think the rise of sustainable fashion happened because of slave labour, poor quality items and the impact on the environment.

The rise of sustainable fashion- pastel dress, IV Designs

All About IV Designs

One of my amazing friends Thilini, decided to make her own clothes, self-taught by YouTube, and a couple years later has her own fashion line. It was born out of a need to be fashionable and also, have a low impact on the environment. The All About IV Design *dresses I’m wearing have all been made by hand and the fabric were end cuts from previous seasons which means, there won’t be any repeats. Once it’s gone it’s gone! You can check out her Instagram and Etsy shop for more selections.

The rise of sustainble fashion- IV Designs halter neck dress

This post isn’t to make anyone feel guilty about their choices, I just want to make you think about those choices. The reality is I’m not perfect and still learning. Do you think the rise of sustainable fashion is here to stay? What do you think? Let me know in the comments?

As always, thank you for reading and commenting.

Until next time, be well!


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