• Fashion Hacks for the 30-something year old Shopaholic

    fashion hacks for the 30-something year old

    Hello my lovely giraffes! This post is for all the shopaholics out there, myself included! Today I’m sharing my fashion hacks for the 30-something year old shopaholic. We all have a vice and for a lot of people it’s shopping. You get this little high from making a purchase but, it isn’t exactly sustainable. So here are a few tips to a) allow you to get your fix and b) get creative all whilst still do what you can for the environment.

  • The Rise of Sustainable Fashion X All About IV Designs

    The rise of sustainable fashion- main

    Hello my lovely giraffes and welcome to autumn. The temperature has gotten cooler although, some days are still very summer-like which I have no complaints about. I decided to take a week off from blogging and think about what I want to do with this blog and how I can achieve it. Going forward, there will only be 2 posts a week from me and a weekly newsletter. That way I can create useful quality content for you guys and keep my sanity!

    Now let's get on with today's post which is all about the rise of sustainable fashion featuring All About IV Designs.

  • Hotel Bucket list, QO Hotel

    hotel bucket list - QO front entrance

    Hello, my travel giraffes! How are you? Summer is coming to an end shortly which seems insane to me but nothing lasts forever which got me thinking. I've done a travel bucket list before of which city or country I would like to visit but, I've never done one for places I'd like to stay at. So I've decided to do a regular hotel bucket list and this month's feature hotel is the QO Hotel in Amsterdam.