Hotel Bucket list, QO Hotel

hotel bucket list - QO front entrance

Hello, my travel giraffes! How are you? Summer is coming to an end shortly which seems insane to me but nothing lasts forever which got me thinking. I’ve done a travel bucket list before of which city or country I would like to visit but, I’ve never done one for places I’d like to stay at. So I’ve decided to do a regular hotel bucket list and this month’s feature hotel is the QO Hotel in Amsterdam.

Hotel Bucket list, OQ Hotel

The Hotel

I stumbled across this hotel when I was looking for accommodation for my boss in my day job. I immediately fell in love with everything about this hotel.

hotel bucket list - QO entrance

Firstly, the OQ Hotel is a sustainable hotel which I’ve never had the pleasure of staying in before but would love to pop that cherry there. They house a greenhouse on their roof-top which produces food that is served in their restaurant. The interesting bit is that they refer to the hotel as a ‘hotel that lives’. Essentially, the hotel has been created to reduce the impact on the environment.

Secondly, it is in Amsterdam which is a city I thoroughly enjoy visiting.

The Rooms

The QO Hotel has a few suites that are all beautifully decorated in a modern yet, warm interior. They are spacious, filled with light and some even come with stand-alone bathtubs. A winner in my books to be honest! The rooms are absolutely stunning and scream high tech luxury.

hotel bucket list - QO Kwartier suite

The room features; from the lighting to curtains are all controlled by an IPad.

hotel bucket list - QO room


The QO Hotel seems to have a nice balance between luxury and sustainability which can be really difficult to achieve. It is admirable in this current climate of overpriced luxury, that they have managed to create high-end quality which actually gives value for money.

There are other hotels on my hotel bucket list, which I will be sharing on a monthly basis (hopefully) and I’ve provided enough to wet your appetite. Do you have a hotel bucket list? Will you stay at the QO Hotel? Who knows, maybe I’ll see you there one day 😉

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Until next time, be well!


Disclaimer: the images used were provided by the hotel


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