Is Treating Yourself Gone Too Far?

is treating yourself gone too

Hello my lovely giraffes. Well if you’re in the UK then you would know our heatwave has come to an end. This saddens me but, I do understand that for some people the heat can be unbearable. Anyways, as the rain has commenced and it feels almost autumnal I was thinking of treating myself to a new pair of shoes. This is pretty standard to be honest but then I wondered why I was treating myself. It isn’t like I’d done anything major and then I wondered, is treating yourself gone too far?

Is Treating Yourself Gone Too Far?

Don’t get me wrong but who doesn’t like a treat especially after a hard week, day, month, year. It just seems as though, for me, that the ‘treat’ is no longer a treat if it’s a weekly thing.

There’s more disposable income floating around for some and kudos to them! I just wonder if treating yourself so much is really masking deeper issues. What do you think?

I can only speak for myself but, I do know that since both my mom and aunt passed away less than 6 mths of each recently, a way to cope has been nice pretty things. It’s no longer a treat but something to temporarily mask the pain of them no longer being here.

Could it be that you might be doing something similar? You may not necessarily be grieving but, perhaps it’s something else.

Another thing….

The other thing I wonder about with this whole, is treating yourself gone too far question is, what about savings and appreciation. You know when you save for that special something, it could be a house, car or even a pair of designer shoes. You feel so good after you’ve purchased it and often times you take really good care of it.

I may sound old but, I was never one for just being frivilous with money because I knew the value. Understanding the value of something is a good sign that a person will appreciate what and who they have in life.

What do you think, is treating yourself gone too far? Or do you say YOLO! Let me know in the comments below.

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Until next time, be well!


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