Non Travel Bucket list of a Thirty Something

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Hello, my lovely giraffes! I was thinking of what to write for this week’s post and couldn’t decide until I came up with the idea to do a non-travel bucket list of a thirty-something. There are a million and one bucket lists out there, I even wrote a couple myself, for things to do before you hit 30 or 25. What about someone who is in their late 30s? Last time I checked we had a lot to say and do, so here’s my list.

Non-Travel Bucket List of a Thirty-Something


You all know that I am a self-professed skin junkie and love all things skincare. I think it’s so fascinating and I really want to achieve the best possible skin I can. Some of it will mean trying out new products, facials and changing up my eating. Which leads me on to the next thing on my list.

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I haven’t been really taking care of my health for the last few months. It’s not a conscious thing but, life happens then you add in a splash of grief (read more here) so I need to do better. What I would like to happen is, to shift a few pounds and feel better overall. If I could also get toned arms and a flat (ish) tummy in the process, I’ll take it! 🙂

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Make a positive difference

Next on my non-travel bucket list of a thirty-something is to use my blog to make a positive difference in someone’s life. I just can’t go through life being all about me. It’s just not in my DNA so using my tiny platform to help others is what I hope to achieve. Whether that’s showing you what skincare products to stay away from or, how to have a luxurious holiday on a budget or, how to style an item in many ways. I hope to help you. Please let me know what you need and I’ll do my best to assist.


I love taking photos and I just need to get off my backside to learn more. I’m a big believer in uplevelling my skills because things can become stagnant and no one wants that. Also, in some way it helps challenge myself to get in front of the camera more and produce more fashion posts.

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I’ve realised that the older you get, the more risk shy you become. Partly, because you’re more aware of the dumb ish you used to do. Also, your mortality becomes more and more in focus with each passing year. But, my beauties you do need to take smart risks, it keeps your mind, heart, and soul agile.

Own my home

Shock, horror I’m almost 40 and don’t own my home! If you live in London, then you know it is more and more common because it’s hella expensive. It is on my non-travel bucket list of a thirty-something because I like to aim high and it’ll allow me to take a risk 😉

There are more to add to my non-travel bucket list of a thirty-something but, I’ll stop here. What’s on your bucket list? Let’s get sharing so we can a) support each other and b) make us accountable for what we want to achieve on our respective lists. Plus you never know who has the perfect advice for us. Leave a comment below.

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Until next time, be well!



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