Blues Kitchen Brunch

blues kitchen brunch - oreo doughnuts

Hello, you lovely giraffes. How are you today? I love discovering or being introduced to new places that have the right balance of good food and great ambience and I think I found it! Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to the Blues Kitchen Brunch.

Blues Kitchen Brunch

You’ve probably worked out that I love a good brunch. Actually, I love good food no matter what time of day it is!


There are a couple of locations; Shoreditch and Camden but, the one I went to was in Brixton. A short walk from Brixton rail and tube, you turn down Acre Lane and presto you’re there to enjoy a fabulous bottomless brunch.

Walking in off the sunny streets you feel as though you’ve stepped into some secret club, where it’s a bit dark and jumping!

blues kitchen brunch - bar

There’s a beautifully decorated bar to your right with sufficient alcohol to create whatever concoction you could think of.

Blues kitchen brunch - entrance

The Food

Let’s get down to the important business. Is the food any good? Do giraffes have long legs?The brunch options were delicious and finger licking good. The finger-licking bit was for the chicken wings.



Throw in some cornbread, oreo doughnuts and mimosas and you have yourself a happy camper. Actually writing this makes me want to revisit them for brunch. Any takers?

blues kitchen brunch - oreo doughnuts1

Prices range from £6.50 for a short stack of buttermilk pancakes to £12.50 for a shrimp taco salad. If you add on another £17 you can have Bloody Marys and mimosas thrown in for 2 hours. The food is substantial and you may need a wheelbarrow to roll you out of the place. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I noticed that there’s a private area for parties and there’s a live band on Friday nights.

blues kitchen brunch - private area

Have you tried the Blues Kitchen Brunch before? What was your favourite dish? Let me know in the comments below so I can go try it myself.

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Until next time, be well!


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