Fashion Hacks for the 30-something year old Shopaholic

fashion hacks for the 30-something year old

Hello my lovely giraffes! This post is for all the shopaholics out there, myself included! Today I’m sharing my fashion hacks for the 30-something year old shopaholic. We all have a vice and for a lot of people it’s shopping. You get this little high from making a purchase but, it isn’t exactly sustainable for your pocket or the environment. So here are a few tips to a) allow you to get your fix and b) get creative all whilst still do what you can for the environment.

Fashion Hacks for the 30-something year old shopaholic

Use Shoptagr

I’m sure you’ve seen the videos on YouTube where all these influencers are telling you how amazing Shoptagr to save money. If you’ve thought, nah it’s not possible. I’m here to say that it’s actually true! I am a shoe junkie and I cannot tell you how much money this has saved me!

Put it Away

At the beginning of every season, put away the previous season’s clothes. If you’re fortunate enough to have a loft or space to put the items away, use it. Get a suitcase or some kind of storage bag(s) and fill them with your items. When the season comes around again you can pull them out like it’s brand new and do the next tip!

Shop Your Closet

Fashion is quite cyclical and that item that is now on trend, think wide leg trousers, has been around before. It is very possible that you have something similar, if not the same in your wardrobe. Use Pinterest for inspiration if you’re not into fashion magazines. Or have a day where you can play dress up and create different looks with what you have.

Basic Sewing Skills

I am not saying to go learn how to pattern cut and sew an entire outfit. Although, if that floats your boat, go for it! Learning some basic sewing skills can take you a long way. Love that blouse in your cupboard but don’t like the buttons? Find buttons you like and replace them yourself. A basic straight stitch has saved the hems of my trousers many a time.

Bag Straps

Want to change the look of your handbags? If you your bag has removable straps give it a new lease of life by swapping out for a contrasting colour. A tip I picked up from Wendys Lookbook was to use guitar straps. You get that Dior-esk look for a lot less!

Those are my fashion hacks for the 30-something year old shopaholic. Do you have any fashion hacks that you can share in the comments below? As always, thank you for reading and remember to sign up to receive the weekly newsletter. I share more there! Sign up here!

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