My Favourite Feel Good Amazon Products

my favourite feel good amazon products

Hello beautiful people! Spring is definitely in the air and I am here for it! With the return of sunshine which helped with my mood. I thought I would share my favourite feel good amazon products with you. You don’t need to buy any of these items, I just wanted to show you the little things that have been making me feel good because luxury wishlists are just that, wishes.

My Favourite Feel Good Amazon Products

Ionic Shower Head

Last year I was watching Stephanie Yeboah’s instagram stories and she recommended this shower head. Can I just say, game changer! Who knew changing your shower head could improve your daily shower.

my favourite feel good amazon products -ionic showerhead

I got my flatmate in on it and she wondered where this was her entire life. It’s that good! There are 3 modes; jet, rainfall and massage so you can choose one that suits your needs on any given day. Plus, at under £20 it’s a bargain that helps you feel good.

Wireless Earbuds

When airpods came out I wasn’t that interested because I’m an android girl. Fast forward to 2020, my neighbours had their basement renovated and I needed some noise reduction earbuds.

my favourite feel good amazon products - wireless earbuds

These Bluetooth wireless earbuds from Amazon bring me joy. Not only do they reduce noise but, they’re waterproof so I can have music to accompany the rainfall shower. It’s the little things that make me happy 🙂

Silk Pillowcases

I needed to include silk pillowcases on my feel good Amazon products list. Once you go silk, you can’t go back! Yes it may seem bougie and if it is, who cares. My skin and hair are reaping the benefits of it.

These are from the brand LilySilk and are pretty affordable. One side is cotton and the other is Mulberry silk. They wash really well and come in a variety of colours so you can match with your existing linens. Not bad for £15 for 1 pillowcase. My aim is to have at least 2 more pairs so I can rotate. Do you use silk pillowcases?

Essential Oil Diffuser and Oils

The oil diffuser was a gift from a friend and it’s the gadget I didn’t realise I needed. I love scented candles and this gives me that effect without worrying about falling asleep whilst it’s lit. I can use a variety of essential oils to suit my mood and change the colour of the light.

my favourite feel good amazon products - diffuser oils

Scent plays an important part in being able to relax and having a variety of essential oils helps. I tend to do a mixture which reminds me of the Seychelles scent from The White Company.

Rotating Makeup Organiser

I know this is random but having my dressing table organised makes me feel good. I was watching a live on Instagram with Caroline Hirons and she was talking to a viewer about her skincare routine. She had her products on the this rotating makeup organiser and I knew this was a game changer.

To say it has made me feel good, is an understatement. Knowing where your stuff is when you need it, is highly underrated. Plus it was under £25 and easy to assemble.

Having little things can make your life easier and make you feel good. These were my feel good products from Amazon, what are yours? Let me know in the comments below, if I need something else.

Thank you for reading and until next time, be well! x

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