Fish! Kitchen Borough Market, Close to Sea

Fish! Kitchen Borough Market- main

Hello my lovely giraffes! It’s been a hot minute since I last did a London restaurant review. Fish! Kitchen Borough Market is a very popular restaurant inside a busy bustling Borough Market, with The Shard as it’s neighbour. Read on for my thoughts.

Fish! Kitchen Borough Market

The Concept

Fish! Kitchen Borough Market opened in 1999 and the concept is to provide good quality fish, cooked in front of customers, in simple and classic ways. They’re also big on sourcing their fish responsibly and actually get most of their produce from Borough Market. It kinda makes since its right outside their door.

The Restaurant

You might think with a name like that there would be a fishy smell when you walk through the doors but actually, you don’t. Upon entering the restaurant and passing the front desk, you enter the main restaurant with regular seating or, you could sit overlooking the kitchen.

Fish! Kitchen Borough Market- kitchen

Some might say this is the best seat in the house because from here you can eyeball the chefs!

Fish! Kitchen Borough Market- restaurant

The Food

I guess the main question would be is the food any good? Continue reading and you will find out 🙂 I ordered the fish soup to start with and it came with gruyere cheese on a crouton.

The flavours complimented each other so well! Salty, tangy and well seasoned. I’m from the Caribbean and we like well seasoned flavourful food. This didn’t disappointment.

Now that my appetite is prepped and ample time given for digestion to take place, my main came out. Of course I had to go with fish and chips! No point going to a fish restaurant and not have ‘posh’ fish and chips 🙂

Fish! Kitchen Borough Market- posh fish and chips

For beer battered fish it was perfectly cooked and suculent. My only complaint was that the mushy peas were cold and if there’s such a thing, too mushy.

Fish! Kitchen Borough Market- fish and chips

Finally, I had dessert which was an amaretto chocolate mousse, a mouthful to say but a delicious mouthful to taste. All served in a teacup which is perfect to get every last morsel out.

Fish! Kitchen Borough Market- amaretto chocolate mousse

Fish! Kitchen Borough Market- chocolate mousse

All in all a delicious meal with attentive staff and great ambience. The meal I had was from a set menu and came in under £26 which is pretty affordable for London. For more information you can check out their website.

Have you been to Fish! Kitchen Borough Market before? Would you go? Let me know in the comments below.

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