2018 Christmas Gift Guide for People Who Have Everything

2018 Christmas gift guide for people who have everything

Hello my lovely giraffes! It’s finally that time of year where everything is all festive and jolly….allegedley ;). It is also the time where you need to think about what to get for your loved ones and I’m here to help you. This week, I will be publishing a gift guide everyday this week to cover a variety of shopping dilemas. This first one will be a 2018 christmas gift guide for people who have everything. Let’s go!

2018 Christmas Gift Guide for People Who Have Everything

You know those people you have in your life who just have everything and when you ask them what they want, they say nothing? Yup this 2018 Christmas gift guide is for them.

Make A Donation

This a good gift idea because a) you’ll be donating to a cause that they love, which shows that you pay attention b) you both will feel good helping others and c) you could do it from the comfort of your home. Here are some causes you can donate to if you need some ideas.

Barnardos – they help support families, young carers and for every £1 donated 91 pence is used to do the work.

Mercy Ships – this charity deploys hospital ships around the world to provide medical care for countries in desperate need.

Poverty Charities – you can check out this website which lists a number of charities that help support people who are on the ‘bread line’.


Sometimes the people who have everything will still have neglected themselves. So for this 2018 christmas gift guide for people who have everything, you could get them a subscription to something they hadn’t thought of.

Flowers – there’s a company called Freddie’s flowers who can deliver flowers either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. It’s a lovely gesture to send fresh flowers to someone. I have used them before (with my own money I might add) and if you use code: MajeanS1321 your first box is free 🙂

Airport Lounges – I can attest to how this has kept me sane whilst travelling. It’s no fun getting stuck in an airport because of delays or long lay-overs. This is the perfect gift to give and get! I am with Priority Lounge which have lounges in 143 countries. These are a couple I found online, Lounge Pass and Lounge Club


One of the important things in life, imo, is to have good experiences because they balance out the crap. No matter your status or how much money you have, a good experience is priceless. Here are some ideas you can look into for your loved one who has everything.

A day out – take them out for the day. Plan a lovely day out with just you two. If he/she hasn’t been to the movies, plan a day out involving the cinema. Or, there are some pop up Christmas film screenings in London which is festive and fun!

Eating – this could be done in conjunction with the day out or standalone. Pick quirky locations with great views like, The Shard or, eat your way around Borough Market and Covent Garden.

The idea is to have fun and make memories because sometimes socks don’t cut it! 

That’s all for this post and let me know what you thought about my first 2018 Christmas gift guide for people who have everything. I’ll be back tomorrow with another gift guide. 

Until next time, be well! x

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