Beauty Christmas 2018 Gift Guide

beauty christmas 2018 gift guide

Welcome back to day 2 of my 5 days of Christmas gift guides. What did you think about yesterday’s guide? Today is all about beauty and I found a few goodies for you. Without further ado, let’s get into the beauty Christmas 2018 gift guide.

Beauty Christmas 2018 Gift Guide


You know I’m a skincare junkie and of course I had to start with this one. I have restrained myself to choosing products or sets that are good value or, that I have tried before.

Sunday Riley

I have been a big fan of their luna oil which is a retinoid oil that does wonders for my skin. It is on the pricey side so this set is perfect for the skincare junkie in your life to trial out other products in the range.

Beauty Christmas 2018 gift guide - Sunday Riley gift set

Comes in at £35 from Cult Beauty.

Indie Lee

This is a brand that I only discovered when I purchased Lydia Millen’s glow box (read here) and instantly fell in love with the CoQ-10 toner. This kit has a cleanser, toner and a facial oil.

Beauty Christmas 2018 gift guide- Indie Lee discovery set

A great price of £28 from Cult Beauty.

Elan Skincare

I discovered this brand when I went to Stylist Live last month. I met with the owner who is not only lovely but very well informed. She’s taken her scientific knowledge of skin and what works to create a range.

Beauty Christmas 2018 gift guide - Elan skincare cosmetic bag

This cosmetic bag contains a sample of the range of serums and oils. You can get this for £20 and it’s a great way to test out the products.


I’m not the best with makeup application but I do okay and always love looking at what’s out there.


I am a big fan of Charlotte Tilbury foundation and lipsticks, her brushes are no exception. I saw this mini brush set and thought they’re perfect for the woman who is always away for the weekends.

A beautiful set of makeup brushes in a rose gold case to help create a variety of looks. Comes in at £45 from Cult Beauty.

Face and Lips

I had to support Fenty Beauty not just because it’s a fellow island girl but because her stuff works!

Beauty Christmas 2018 gift guide- Fenty lip and highlighter duo

I had this cute lip and highlighter duo, that is until I gave it to my little cousin. The things you do for family! I kept the lipstick and always find way to include it into my makeup look.  Sets you back £19 but can only be purchased online here.


This Beauty Christmas 2018 gift guide wouldn’t be complete without including something from Body Shop.

Beauty Christmas 2018 gift guide -Body Shop shea but gift guide

The Shea Festive picks is perfect for this time of year when everybody’s skin is a little thirsty for some hydration and moisture. The creamy formulation is ideal for anyone who loves a bit of pampering and it’s only £20!


My final pick in this beauty christmas 2018 gift guide is perfume from Tom Daxon. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen me showcasing this brand. I got to try a sample at an event and fell in love.

The scents are unisex and seem to trigger memories. For instance Riven Oak has rum in it which makes me remember when I was in Trinidad limin with friends whilst drinks flowed. The sampling gift set gives 5 samples of your choice at £45.

That’s all I’ve got for you in this beauty Christmas 2018 gift guide but I’ve got more coming tomorrow! Let me know if you liked any of these suggestions and if you buy anything from the guides.

Until tomorrow, be well!x

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