Glow Box by Lydia Millen x Cult Beauty

glow box by lydia millen x cult beauty

Today’s post is a review on the glow box by Lydia Millen X Cult Beauty. This box launched a few months ago and I was eager to get my hands on it, so I signed up to be informed and et voila! I got it! Needless to say, I was not the only person interested in getting their hands on it, given that Lydia has such amazing skin.

The box was sold out in record time and, they have decided to do round 2 of the glow box. So I thought I would share my experience with the products as they’re going to do a second launch of the glow box.

Glow Box by Lydia Millen x Cult Beauty


The box contained 6 full-sized products to help you get that beautiful glowy skin we all want to achieve. There’s a cleanser, toner, acid serum, retinol, moisturiser and a cc serum. If you follow Lydia’s channel, you know that her focus is on quality products which can be high-end. These products are all high-end and if you were to purchase them individually, it would cost around £300!

glow box by lydia millen x cult beauty- Omorovicza foam cleanser


This foaming cleanser is by Omorovicza, the Hungarian beauty brand that I adore! I used the moor mud cleanser and skin polish, especially whilst travelling and had high hopes. The cleanser does not disappoint. I found that it cleansed my skin without drying it out and didn’t aggravate my cheeks where the skin can be a bit sensitive. Again, it has their signature scent of being natural and fresh. My only complaint is the packaging and perhaps they need to re-think the design.

Score: 4/5

glow box by lydia millen x cult beauty- Indie Lee CoQ10 toner


I love a toner! Especially ones that actually leave your skin feeling moisturised and not stripped of everything good. This toner is definitely worth re-purchasing and that’s the Indie Lee CoQ10. It smells fresh, adds moisture to the skin and dare I say, my pores are looking lots better. I use this everytime I cleanse my face regardless of what cleanser used.

Score: 5/5

glow box by lydia millen x cult beauty- alpha H glycolic acid

Acid Serum

I am a big fan of using acids on the skin because of the benefits. This I have raved about in a post, here and it was a no-brainer for me. I’m referring to the Liquid Gold by Alpha H. It contains 5% glycolic acid and lower’s your skin’s ph balance to regenerate cells. I use this every other night and notice how smooth and soft my skin feels the morning after.

Score: 5/5

glow box by lydia millen x cult beauty- luna


I’ve seen the Sunday Riley Luna Oil floating around everywhere for a hot minute and always wanted to try it but, 15ml for £45 is a bit steep. However, I have to say whilst the blue liquid looks alien-like (it is absorbed into the skin) you don’t need a lot to cover your face and neck. Also, my skin has a radiant glow next morning. I try and use this twice a week so I can prolong it.

Score: 5/5

glow box by lydia millen x cult beauty- Tata Harper moisturiser


Oh, Tata Harper, why do you have to be so stupidly expensive? This illuminating moisturiser gives my skin a beautiful glow even after I mix it with my SPF. It is light and absorbs really quickly into the skin. I am not the biggest fan of the scent, which I can’t really describe and am grateful that it doesn’t linger.

Score: 3.5/5

glow box by lydia millen x cult beauty- By Terry CC Serum

CC Serum

The final product in the glow box by Lydia Millen x Cult Beauty is the By Terry CC Serum which seems to be a favourite of a number of people. Honestly, as an island girl with a darker skin tone, I don’t gel with this product. The product is meant to blur imperfections and correct uneven skin tones. It does all of that but, I just look like a ghost because of the shade. I purchased the darkest shade available but think they need to at least do 2 more shades so that girls like me and darker could share in its benefits. The great thing about the glow box, is that you can choose your shade in the CC Serum.

Score: 2/5


Do I think the glow box by Lydia Millen x Cult Beauty was worth the £155 price tag? Absolutely! The only product I no longer use is the By Terry CC Serum, which is a shame but it’s not for my skin tone. If they expand the shade range, then I will happily spend my coin and re-purchase it. Some products like the Alpha-H, Omorovizca foaming cleanser, and the Indie Lee CoQ10 are definite re-purchases for me. The Luna oil I will get again but on sale or in duty-free :). Tata Harper, I’m afraid is a no from me, because I think there are better moisturisers out there are more affordable.

That’s it from me today and I hope it was informative enough for you to make a decision on whether you would like to get the glow box and try it out. You can sign up to the wait list here.

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Until next time, be well!


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